52 weeks of growing your food storage

Take the stress out of adding to both your long-term and short-term food storage with a weekly email telling you the exact item(s) to pick up at the grocery store that week

You know you should do it.

That's not the problem.

The problem is, you don't know where to start!

How would this be different if:

Are you ready to finally get your food storage going?

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52 weeks for $52

Wondering if 52 Weeks of Growing your Food Storage will work for you?

52 weeks of growing your food storage is for:
52 weeks of growing your food storage is NOT for:


This is for BOTH!  The goal is to get started and work on both simultaneously.  In general, there will be one long-term food item recommended once a month, and the other weeks of the month will be on the shorter-term side.

I will be making recommendations based on a $200ish budget each month, but you can adjust it however you need to in order to fit your budget.

The weekly email will come with a video AND a transcription of the video, so you can either watch or read the information.

The weekly email will hit your inbox every Sunday evening, so you can add the item(s) to your grocery list for the week.

Nope!  That’s one of the awesome benefits of this program. You don’t have to worry about purchasing duplicates of anything for the next 52 weeks!

Each week there will be suggested substitutes for items your family doesn’t use (example: if the item of the week is rice and you don’t eat rice, there would be a suggested substitute of quinoa, pasta, or something similar)

This program is based on budget, rather than quantity.  Since prices are so versatile (due to location, inflation, supply chain issues, etc), the suggestions will be based on a dollar amount rather than quantity.  Example: Spend approximately $30 on rice this week.

Recipes are not part of this program – the goal is to have the foods on-hand that you use on a regular basis in your family’s recipes.  We will be covering basic ingredients that most households use on a regular basis (which can be altered to suit your needs as we go).

Nope! You can start whenever you want, and start the 52 weeks when you start, or catch up to the current week that you start on; either way works!

No problem! You can either pick up where you left off and just push your end date further out, or you can catch up by purchasing the missed weeks and go from there!

Nope! The point of this program is to make things as easy as possible, so pick up these extra items wherever you are shopping each week.

YES, YES, YES!  This is absolutely for EVERYONE!

Absolutely! You will be able to reply to each weekly email with any questions you have and I’ll get back to you with either a video or a written email!

Yes and no.  I truly hope you’ll share this with them – but I also truly hope you will be honest and not forward the emails to anyone other than your spouse.

Please direct your friends and family to this page where they can sign up to get the weekly emails.
Thank you so much for your integrity.  That’s what allows me to continue to create things like this for you!

If you have another question that hasn’t been answered yet, PLEASE ASK!  Email me at

Don't put off your family's safety and
preparedness any longer!

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