Do 72-Hour Kits Stress You Out?

To all you busy moms out there who know you need to get 72-hour kits put together for your family

It's time to stop worrying and


You kNow you should. That's not the problem.
The problem is, you don't have ...


Time to research everything. Time to compare lists. Time to read the million things that are out there. Heck, you don't even have time to type it in a Google search, let alone read through the 2,845,726 results!


There is just way too much. Too much information. Too many opinions. Too many pins on Pinterest. How in the world can you possibly sort through it all and then put it all together to make any sense?


Money for packs. Money for clothes. Money for fancy camping equipment. Money for food. Money for toiletries. Money for all the things. How can people afford all of it? Especially if you have a bunch of kids?!

How would this be different if:


Get your family's 72-hour kits done ONCE AND FOR ALL without wasting time on research, comparisons, or digging for information

Misty's Excitement

“I’ve never seen anything this thorough, this well put-together, this clear, and this simple.  It’s off the charts phenomenal.”

Misty Marsh, Designed for Goodness

There are 4 ways that A Complete Guide to 72-Hour Kits is different from other resources

1 - Starts from the very beginning

2 - Takes you step by step (18 steps, to be exact)

3 - Keeps you organized

4 - Doesn't leave you hangin'

As you apply what you learn in A Complete Guide to 72-Hour Kits for Families, you will:


Get A Complete Guide to 72-Hour Kits for Families now and start your family’s complete journey to evacuation preparedness!

Here is what's included:

These 3 steps are often overlooked when you are researching 72-hour kits.  You get a list, and then you are on your own. 

In A Complete Guide to 72-Hour Kits, there is an entire step dedicated to notes before you begin that will save you SO MUCH TIME, MONEY, AND FRUSTRATION!  Things that really need to be addressed before you even begin, so you have a clear vision of what you are doing, and the best way to accomplish it.

Choosing how to pack your kits is also something that is also often overlooked.  Again, an entire step is dedicated to this process, so you know your options and can pick the one that best aligns with your situation.

Preparing your space is one of the most common mistakes people make, and is the reason they don’t ever finish!  If you don’t have a dedicated space in your home for these kits, then they are just going to end up being thrown in a closet/room/garage the first time you need your living room clean.   

***Spoiler alert: you’re going to need a place to store your kits when they’re finished, so you might as well prepare that space at the beginning of the process, so you have somewhere to store everything while you’re putting them together!

 Once you complete Steps 1-3, you will be armed with knowledge, have your packs/containers, and have a place in your home dedicated specifically for these kits, regardless of which stage they are in.  This means YOU ACTUALLY STAY ORGANIZED throughout this entire process!!

These steps are actually the steps that people think about when they think of getting a guide to help them build their 72-hour kits.  These are the steps with the checklists of actual items to put in your kits.  The pros and cons of this versus that.  The personal hygiene items, the clothes, the stuff to keep kids busy, the food and water, etc, etc, etc.

The great thing about this particular guide, is there are budget tips, kid tips, and just great ideas all around, sprinkled in each and every step!

While most programs would end with Step 13, this one keeps going!  What about your pets?!  You’re not finished until you have your pets covered!

After this step, you will have EVERY member of your household covered.

Since a first aid kit is definitely something you should have as part of your 72-hour kits, there is an entire step dedicated to this process in case you don’t already have one.  Where most lists would take up one line with the words, “First Aid Kit,” this guide has an entire step dedicated to it.

The great thing about it is, it can double as your home first aid kit as well, so you’re actually getting a total bonus!  


Again, while most 72-hour kit resources start and end with your actual packs, this one takes you through the ENTIRE process if evacuation scenarios.  Chances are, if you are needing to evacuate, there is a good chance your home may be completely destroyed the next time you see it.

And one of the most important things to protect is your important documents.  This step is dedicated to gathering all of these important documents, and at the very least, putting them in a binder inside a waterproof container. 

If you are willing and able to take it a step further, getting a fireproof waterproof box is ideal.  

Most importantly, you will have all of your documents in one place, and protected at least from water damage.

Bonus: this step helps you organize your everyday life while you’re at it!

This is perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF THE PROCESS, and is hardly ever mentioned in other 72-hour kit resources!  There are things that can’t be packed away and ready to go at a moment’s notice 100% of the time. 

Thinking through what you will want to grab in addition to your kits, is an essential step in preparing your 72-hour kits!

Included in this step are worksheets to help walk you through the process of determining what you would want to grab.  It also gives options for what  you will collect and put these items IN, and helps you organize your list to make it as efficient as possible, as far as time and space are concerned. 

This is another amazing part of this guide that you won’t find in other resources.  Your 72-hour kits are not complete without a plan for rotating them regularly.  Kids grow, clothing sizes change, food expires, etc.

This rotation guide spells out the most organized and efficient way to rotate your kits.  Complete with a printable checklist, it is designed in a way that minimizes time spent, and therefore, means you will ACTUALLY rotate your kits because it won’t be an all-day event anymore!

Not only does this guide come with highlighted kid tips, budget tips, and general tips, but it also includes every single printable you will  need to make 72-hour kits for your entire family, including:

  • Shopping Lists
  • Checklists
  • Yahtzee Scorecards (for fun bags)
  • Family Emergency Plan
  • Important Information Document
  • Emergency Information Card for Kids’ Packs
  • First Aid Kit Printables
  • Grab List Worksheets
  • Rotation Checklist

Are you ready to finally get your family's 72-hour kits DONE?




Get A Complete Guide to 72-Hour Kits for Families now so you can get your family prepared for an evacuation once and for all, in 18 organized and easy-to-accomplish steps!

What Melissa Has to Say

“I had been wanting to get my emergency preparedness stuff together for a long time.  I knew I needed to get my family prepared but I just didn’t know where to start.  It was overwhelming so I just kept putting it off.  But I always had this nagging in the back of my mind that something could happen and my family would be in trouble.  Plan for Awesome helped me find a place to start and guided me through the whole process.  Everything was broken down into manageable steps and every step took me closer to feeling more prepared.  By the end, I had created 72 hour kits for my family of 5 easily.  I couldn’t believe it!  It was so much easier than I thought it would be and so achievable.  The steps were simple to follow, realistic, and I love feeling like my family is prepared and safe.  I no longer have that nagging feeling of ‘what if’ in the back of my mind.  And the tips are amazing–takes the guesswork right out of emergency preparedness.  No regrets!!!”

“The steps were simple to follow, realistic, and I love feeling like my family is prepared and safe.  I no longer have that nagging feeling of ‘what if’ in the back of my mind. “

Melissa, mother of 3

Unique Features:




Prepare your family for an evacuation in 18 manageable, organized, and easy-to-accomplish steps!

I'm Melanie

I create Emergency Preparedness resources for you

I’m a mom of 4 and stepmom of 3.  Our life is CRAZY BUSY – just ask our neighbors. 🙈   I know how hard it can be to keep up with the daily demands of having a large family.  And I know that working on any sort of emergency preparedness can feel like an insurmountable task.  

In fact, that’s why I started this website…to help busy people like you get their families prepared….one day at a time.  Over the past couple years, I have been breaking down the process of building your 72-hour kits, to make it more manageable for busy moms.  The result is this guide.  

One of the hardest things about a process this big, is that life happens in between.  I have  re-ordered, re-written, and re-organized this process about a billion times, to make it more manageable and organized.  The best part is, it’s broken down into categorized steps, so you can take care of one step and get it put away before you tackle the next step.

When given the right tools and process, I believe that ANYONE can accomplish this, no matter how crazy their lives are!  So let’s get this done, shall we?!

Is this Guide Right for You?

Wondering if A Complete Guide to 72-Hour Kits for Families will work for you?

A Complete Guide to 72-Hour Kits for Families IS for:
A Complete Guide to 72-Hour Kits for Families is NOT for:




Get A Complete Guide to 72-Hour Kits for Families now and start your family’s complete journey to evacuation preparedness!

30 day money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, send me an email and I will refund you in full!


YES, YES, YES!  This is absolutely for EVERYONE!  Although I have included helpful tips and resources for families with kids, the process and lists are the same, whether you have kids or not.

This is a self-paced schedule. You can definitely take as long as you need, but you can also knock it all out in a week or less, if that’s your style!

Yes and no.  The first 3 steps are esseential to do at the beginning, but after that, you could hop around if you have a specific reason to do so.

98.  That’s an average of a little over 5 pages per step (and those 5 pages include a checklist at the end of each step).

Yes and no.  I truly hope you’ll share this with them – but I also truly hope you will be honest and pay for each copy per household.  I want this to get into as many homes as possible, and I have made this super affordable to accomplish this.  So please direct your friends and family to this page where they can purchase their own copy, or go ahead and snag one for them today at a fraction of the cost!  Just add an “Additional Copy” in your cart (or multiple additional copies…one for each person. you plan on sharing the PDFs with).  Thank you so much for your integrity.  That’s what allows me to continue to make products like this for you!

I do have special rates for wards/stakes, as well as family reunions.  Please email me for pricing on those groups. 

If you are getting a group of friends together, that discount is already available in the shop under the listing as “Additional Copy.”

If you have another question that hasn’t been answered yet, PLEASE ASK!  Email me at

“I just want it to be simple and easy, and that’s exactly what I got from Plan For AWesome…Now all 4 of us have 72-hour kits ready to go at a moment’s notice.”

Don't put off your family's safety and preparedness any longer!




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