FREE Summer Bowling for Kids – Takes 3 Minutes to Sign Up

FREE Summer Bowling for Kids - There's NO CATCH!  It takes about 3 minutes to sign up!  Get the link here!

This is one of my favorite finds for summer with my kids!  There is no catch!  Go to the website and search for the participating bowling alley nearest you.  Sign up for free, and register all of your kids.  That’s it!

Once you register, you will get an email once a week with a link for coupons for EACH DAY of the week for each of your kids.  This deal isn’t even just for once a week.  It is EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  2 free games per day.  You do need to pay for shoe rentals.  Most bowling alleys charge $1 or $2 for shoes.  And if they don’t have shoes small enough for your kid, then they don’t need shoes, and they are absolutely free!

Free Summer Bowling For Kids
9 kids. 2 games of bowling. 2 hours of entertainment. Summer. Is. Here.

I think the bowling alley can set the hours they are good for.  Our nearest bowling alley allows these coupons Mon-Thur 8am-8pm, and then Fri-Sun 8am-6pm.  Even if you don’t plan on going bowling daily, weekly, or even monthly, sign up for this program, so that WHEN and IF you do go bowling this summer, you can go free!

In addition to the emails with the coupon link each week, you also receive emails about purchasing a Family Pass.  This pass allows adults to get a deal for the summer that could potentially save money, depending on how often you go.  There is no obligation to buy the pass at all.  But I just wanted to let you know that they also send emails about that throughout the week.

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