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Favorite Things

My favorite finds, whether they be a steal of a deal, unbeatable quality, or just sheer genius!

The ONE Thing Every Single Person Should Have on Their Keys

I am not a fan of huge keychains.  I like one or two smallish things to help me be able to find my keys when I reach my hand blindly... Read More

Problem Solved! No More Wasted Sink Space/Flooded Bathrooms!

Since the kitchen sink/wet countertop post was so popular and helpful to so many, I decided to continue the trend and share my next favorite find to fix the lame... Read More

Problem Solved! No More Wet Kitchen Countertops!

OK… Who has a kitchen sink in their island, where the countertop just goes directly from the sink to the other side in all directions?  In other words, there is... Read More

Suburban vs Odyssey – Why I Went From Minivan to SUV to Minivan

**This post contains affiliate links; using my links helps to support my blogging and my family at no extra cost to you.** After posting a picture of the new (very... Read More

Our Favorite Family Game – A Laugh Out Loud Game For All Ages

Oh. My. Gosh. Just watch the video.  This is one of our faves.  Fun for families, couples, date nights, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!  You can get this game on Amazon HERE. **This... Read More

Travel Hack: Create Space to Hang Everyone’s Towels

We have a lot of kids.  When we travel as a family, regardless of if we are staying in a hotel, a cabin, or someone’s house, there is rarely a place... Read More

The BEST Way to Pack Hair Things When Traveling With Kids

Being the organization junkie that I am, I get excited when I see anything clear with a lid. True story. This little guy is a game changer.  Especially when traveling.... Read More

Sunglasses Clip for Sun Visor/Air Vent in Car – A MUST-HAVE!

Maybe I am the only one who seems to be on a never-ending quest for organization in my car.   I don’t know what happens.  But regardless of what new... Read More

7 Ways to Use Mini Containers from the Dollar Store

Okay, today’s favorite thing doesn’t have a link, because it comes from the Dollar Store.  I did find something that looks like it’s the same thing on Amazon, but they’re... Read More

My Favorite Ready-to-Go Meal: Pulled Pork from Costco

I am a huge pulled pork sandwich fan.  But I hate making it.  Most people say it’s one of the easiest meals they make, because they just cook it in... Read More