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Pack Outfits For Your Kids & Save Time on Your Vacation

Welcome to my PACKING OUTFITS POST.  The post before this was specifically the TRAVEL TOTE post, something that you would ideally set up well in advance of a trip. This... Read More

Emergency Preparedness Step 5 – Organize Important Information in ONE Place – Free Printable

I couldn’t decide if this should go under the “Emergency Preparedness” category or the ”Organization” category, because I feel like it belongs equally to both.  This is something to help... Read More

Emergency Preparedness Step 4 – FIREPROOF WATERPROOF BOX

There are a few reasons I believe getting a fireproof waterproof box should be your next step in your EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS journey. It naturally follows the step of being prepared... Read More

FREE Printable Toddler Chore Chart

Today is the day for Toddler Chore Charts!  And what would this post be without a FREE TODDLER CHORE CHART PRINTABLE?! These are for kids who can’t read, who are... Read More

FREE Printable Chore Charts For Kids Who Can Read

I had a request to do a chore chart post.  And of course, then I had to create a free printable chore chart!  This is a tough one. I feel... Read More

Learning Wrap-Ups – Awesome Tool For Help with Math Facts

*This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. *FREE PRINTABLE... Read More

Mom Stone – Ice Cream at Home on a Budget

**This post contains affiliate links; using my links helps to support my blogging and my family at no extra cost to you.** I. Love. Cold Stone.  This place was a... Read More

MEAL PLANNING with your Calendar, Coupons, and Grocery Lists

If you have been attempting to do your meal planning without looking at your calendar, I’m here to change that.  If you have tried making a grocery list without planning... Read More

Emergency Preparedness Step 1 – Utility Shut-Off

We are going to start small.  Well, maybe small is the wrong word.  We are going to start with the basics.  And by basics, I mean basic household knowledge that... Read More