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You don't Have
Enough time

With kids and church and work and sports and carpools and meal planning and grocery shopping, how in the world can you possibly tackle Emergency Preparedness?

You don't know where to Start

You want to do it all. You know you should do it all. But since you can't do it all, you do nothing. 72-Hour Kits, Food Storage, Water Storage, Emergency Fund, JUST TELL ME WHERE TO START, RIGHT?!

You just can't get organized

You have started a billion different projects in the name of Emergency Preparedness, but haven't finished any of them. You even have a Pinterest Board dedicated to things you'll get day...

Quick & Easy Preparedness
is full of simplified tasks you can do to get your home and family more prepared in 15 minutes or less!



Covers the Basics

Quick and Easy

For the Whole Family



Are you ready to get an entire month's worth of 15-minute-or-less tasks that YOU can do to get your home and family more prepared?

Printables for getting prepared



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