Top 5 Tech Gifts for the Non-Techy Person in Your Life

These 5 tech gifts have been life-changing for me, and I hate technology. These easy to use, pretty much idiot-proof tech products will blow your mind and change your life for the better…even if you aren’t tech savvy!

Top 5 Tech Gifts for the Non-Techy Person in Your Life - LOVE this list! These 5 things are so easy to use and make life so much easier! Great gift ideas!! #techgiftideas #techgiftguide

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Does anyone else miss the good old days when you could just go to Blockbuster, rent a DVD, pop it in your DVD player, and watch a movie? Now we have to install 3 apps, swipe down, swipe left, turn our TV to the correct HDTV setting, then clap twice, do a jig, and then pray that our WIFI is performing, so we can stream something from Netflix.

I pretty much resist any form of new technology. I hate learning to use new stuff, and I hate how dumb it makes me feel when it doesn’t work for me. Give me an Excel spreadsheet or a Microsoft Word document, and I can tech the heck out of it! But ask me to set up screen image mirroring from my phone to my TV, and there will be an unflattering amount of curse words flying through our home, guaranteed.

If you are like me, then these tech gifts are for you. They require very little knowledge, skill, or luck. They just work. Isn’t that refreshing?! I own every single thing on this list, and I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t love them and use them EVERY DAY.

1. Apple AirPods

I got these for Christmas last year and I have to say, I think this is my most used gift I have ever received. I use them every. single. day. And I don’t think I have ever once used them to listen to music!

  • I use them to listen to messages or Marco Polos during my kids’ baseball games and other sporting events.
  • I use them to listen to podcasts in the morning when I am getting ready for the day.
  • I use them in the car to talk on the phone while I’m driving.
  • I use them to listen to a podcast (or even talk to my sister on the phone!) while I’m vacuuming or cleaning the house.
  • I leave my phone in one room, pop in my AirPods, and talk on the phone while I’m running around the house (I can be doing laundry upstairs while my phone is plugged in downstairs in the kitchen!)
  • I use them while I am sitting at the computer and trying to focus while my husband is watching football (I just open up my white noise app, put in my Air Pods, and I am suddenly laser-focused)!
  • My husband and I have used them on an airplane together to listen to the same audiobook (we each just take one AirPod and listen at the same time).
  • I use them to listen in on a phone call with my husband – again, we each just take one.
  • I could go on and on…

Bottom line: I thought these were overpriced and wouldn’t get used. I was so wrong. They are worth every penny. I HIGHLY recommend Apple AirPods. (affiliate link) They are available at Target as well, so check both of these links to see which one is cheaper right now!

And now they even have some that have a wireless charging case if that makes you happy. Here is the link for them at! (affiliate link)

2. Bluetooth Speaker

This is our favorite bluetooth speaker (affiliate link) for SO MANY REASONS.

  • It’s small (but not so small that it gets lost)
  • It fits perfectly in a cupholder
  • It’s waterproof, shockproof, basically family-of-9-proof
  • It is LOUD (or can be anyway…)
  • It’s only $50-$60ish, depending on the color you choose

Just a few ways we use this little gem:

  • Playing music at baseball practice
  • Reading scriptures in the car on road trips/on the way to church (no one ever wants to read because it either makes them carsick or we are always telling them to speak louder because we can’t hear them)
  • Carpool – this way the kids can control the music and we aren’t at the mercy of the radio, especially during all those morning shows
  • Piano recital – background music while people are walking in (as explained in this post)
  • Playing music in our backyard
  • Playing music while 4-wheeling in Wyoming
  • Playing music while boating
  • Playing music on the beach
  • Playing music pretty much wherever we are

Bottom Line: I personally feel that every family that has a phone should also have this bluetooth speaker. (affiliate link) That’s just me.

3. Wireless Charger / Stand

This wireless phone charger stand (affiliate link) has changed my life. Call me lazy. But…not even having to plug your phone in? Sign me up. And I literally have the thickest, bulkiest, dorkiest phone case on my phone. I was really worried the charging stand wouldn’t be able to penetrate all the dorky layers of waterproof, shockproof, everything-proof protection that my case offers. But it totally works like a charm. I got the white one so it matches my computer desk area a little better. It just makes my heart happy, so it was totally worth the 3 extra bucks to get it in white.

**Note: this only works with phones that are compatible with wireless charging. I have an iPhone X or 10 or whatever – aren’t those the same thing? I don’t even know. Anyway, I think iPhone 10 and above are all compatible. Also some Samsungs….

Bottom Line: It looks clean and slick because the cord is hidden behind it, requires zero effort to make it work, and it charges my phone amazingly well and fast. I’ve never once had to pick my phone up and realign it or reposition it to make the connection. It has worked every single time, first try.

4. Outlet / Charging Port / Surge Protected Thingamajigger

This plug thingy is awesome!! (affiliate link) It has 6 normal outlets and 3 USB charging ports, all with a surge protector that will protect what you plug into it.

I love having this behind my computer desk. I am able to plug everything in with plugs to spare! I even have a plug for my Scentsy candle warmer. 😏

Here’s what I have plugged into ours:

  • Normal Outlets (1 leftover)
    • Computer
    • Printer
    • Speakers
    • External Hard Drive
    • Scentsy Candle Warmer
  • USB Ports
    • Wireless Charging Stand
    • Extra USB cord for my AirPods (since mine aren’t wireless charging AirPods)
    • Extra USB cord for another phone/iPad to charge at the desk throughout the day

Bottom Line: Finally an outlet with a place for EVERYTHING I want to plug into that location! Pretty much heaven on this tech-saturated earth. And a HUGE BONUS is that it has a surge protector built into it, so your tech is safe from being obliterated by a power surge.

5. External Charger

If you don’t have one of these external chargers (affiliate link), order one (or 2) ASAP. This provides a source to charge anything with a USB (cell phones, iPads, AirPods, etc). Brilliant. I use it at theme parks, baseball games, and even just in my purse around town. I love how I don’t even have to be in my car to charge my phone – I can literally charge it anywhere!

Honorable Mention: Charging Cables

These charging cables (affiliate link) are pretty dang awesome. They are sturdy as all get-out and have a 2-year warranty. I don’t know about you, but our charging cords seem to have about a 6-month shelf life before they crap out. These things are GUARANTEED FOR 2 YEARS. They are really awesome. *Note: these are USB A to C – compatible with Samsung, but not Apple stuff.

Well there you have it – my top 5 tech gifts for the not-so-tech-savvy person in your life. Be sure to pin this on Pinterest to refer back to!

Top 5 Tech Gifts for the Non-Techy Person in Your Life - Great gift list!  These 5 things make life so much easier, and they're so easy to use! Awesome gift guide!! #techgiftideas #techgiftguide

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