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Help for families who don't feel the need to build a bunker for the zombie apocalypse!


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Emergency preparedness can be daunting.

Do You:

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I totally get it.
But it's not as hard as you think!

Your family's emergency preparedness can be EASY

Simplified Tasks

Stop freaking out over the big projects and focus on the smaller, more impactful things first

Your family's emergency preparedness can be ORGANIZED


A clear starting point with detailed checklists to guide you, so you don’t skip anything important

Your family's emergency preparedness can be FUN


An Instagram account where you can participate in polls, interact with lives, ask questions and get real-life answers from a mom who gets it!


Planning for Awesome is the simplest way to achieve

peace of mind

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Step #2

Complete "Quick & Easy Preparedness"

Make sure you have all the foundational things in place before moving on to bigger projects/topics.  This doesn’t require very much time or money, but often has the biggest impact out of all your preparedness efforts!

Step #3

Decide Which Topic You Want to Simplify Next

No matter what you choose, my goal is to help your home and family be more prepared than it is now, so you can have more peace of mind, and be better equipped to handle whatever comes next.


Emergency Preparedness Made Simple for Families

I’m not a doomsday prepper, and I have no desire to live off the grid or build a bunker.  Heck, I have a hard enough time getting through the day as it is (thank you, Costco and Diet Dr Pepper)!   I am more about practical, realistic preparedness for everyday busy families like mine.


My goal is to give you more success with your emergency preparedness at a fraction of the cost (both time and money)!  It really doesn’t have to consume every waking moment and every spare dollar.  The important thing is, that you are moving forward and making your home and family a little safer.


I love breaking down big, intimidating topics (like 72-hour kits or food storage) into small, do-able steps.  I take the overwhelm, the organizing, the researching, the list-making, and even most of the thinking, out of your emergency preparedness.  Just fill in the blanks or check off the tasks as you accomplish them.  Easy peasy, right?


It's time.  Being prepared will give you peace of mind that you literally cannot get any other way.  Let's do this!  👊


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Ready to get started?

Stop wasting time getting frustrated doing the wrong things.

Simplify your Emergency Preparedness!

I’ll tell you exactly where to start; and I bet it’s not what you’re expecting!


Feel confident knowing that you have taken care of ALL of the essential, high-impact, low-cost basic tasks!

5 simple things you can do to get your family prepared if you don't have thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours


5 simple things you can do to get your family more prepared

Each thing takes 15 minutes or less!

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