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WEBSITE – Affiliate Disclosure

In case you’re wondering, I want to let you know about affiliate links, how they work, and how I use them.

An affiliate link is a link that I put in an article or blog post that links out to a certain product that I am talking about or recommending.  If you choose to purchase that item after clicking on my link, I may make a small commission from your purchase.  This is an agreement between me and the company selling the product, and has nothing to do with your purchase price.  In fact, the amount you pay stays the exact same, but by purchasing through my link, you are supporting my website.

I use this affiliate income to pay for the overhead associated with running a website, including but not limited to: the purchase of the domain, website hosting, website security, graphic design programs, tech support, and other programs that I use to allow this website to run the way I want it to run.  Anything that is leftover (if any), is income to help support my family. 

So, in short: thank you for purchasing through my affiliate links.  It allows me to keep this website running, and it doesn’t cost you a dime!

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