Simplify Your Family's Emergency Preparedness


I believe emergency preparedness should be rewarding.

Every step, regardless of how simple, is a step forward for your family’s safety.

I know emergency preparedness
Can be daunting

I know emergency preparedness
Can be daunting

You don't have the time

Life is IN-SANE. Carpool, soccer practice, baseball practice, piano lessons, church responsibilities, cooking, cleaning, and somewhere in there we're also supposed to squeeze in self care and service. Sound familiar? Extra time is nonexistent.

You don't have the money

I could probably just refer you to the list of things above. If you have even just a few of those in your life right now, chances are, money is tight.

You can't get organized

I'm guessing you have the same problem as me; there are approximately 14 billion thoughts flying around in your head at any given moment and you're lucky if you remember what day it is.

I've got you, Girl!

I spend the time so you don't have to

I do things the hard way, make the mistakes, learn from them, and then give you all the nuggets. Translation: I summarize the pros and cons so you can make quick, educated decisions that will serve your family best.

I shop around and you reap the benefits of all my efforts

I do the price matching and the product testing, figuring out what's worth the money and what just isn't!
(and give you lots of free options too!)

I do the organizing and tell you exactly what to do next

I prioritize for you, make the lists *cute* for you, and pretty much all you have to do is click PRINT. Or click PLAY, if you are more of a video course kind of gal.

I understand what it's like

I had it all figured out...

I've been an emergency preparedness junkie since I was a teenager.  I even put my bed up on cinder blocks when I was in college, so I could store canned food under my bed.  True story.   It sure was nice to be able to focus on just me. I had it all figured out. It was easy.
And then I had kids.

Until I didn't...

Being responsible for other little humans gave me a new sense of urgency in being as prepared as *realistically* possible. 
I spent the next 15 years researching, price matching, testing, purchasing, and returning products. I've explored different emergency preparedness processes, items, and methods.

And that's why I do what I do.

I know how hard it can be to keep up with the daily demands of having a large family.  But I also know how important it is to provide safety and security for our families. I am so passionate about helping families get prepared ... one day at a time!

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How I can help you

A Starting Place for Free

One of the most common questions I get is, "Where do I start?" I know that is one of the most overwhelming parts about emergency preparedness, since it is such a big topic. I tell you exactly where to start, and I guarantee it's not where you would expect. Click below for me to walk you through the very first step of your preparedness journey.

A Starting Place PLUS an Essential Foundation of Emergency Preparedness

Sure, getting started with one task is great. But wouldn't you feel better if you knew you had covered ALL of the basics, and not just one of them?
I'm talking about the easy things. The quick things. The essential things. That's why I created "Quick & Easy Preparedness." It has all of the essential, high-impact, low-cost things that I believe ALL families EVERYWHERE should have as their foundation in emergency preparedness. And the best part? It's all wrapped up into one nice and tidy schedule that even the busiest of families can manage!

Your Family Is worth it!

I have heard too many people say, “We never thought it could happen to us.  And then it did.”

Don’t wait.  Your family needs you.


If I can Do it, You Can Do It!

You got this.  Let’s roll up those sleeves and get to work.   And let’s have a little bit of fun while we’re at it!

hands holding a sign.

5 simple things you can do to get your family more prepared

Each thing takes 15 minutes or less!

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