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72-Hour Emergency Kits For Beginners – KIDS AND BABIES (Part 3)

This is PART 3 of 72-hour kits (AKA bug out bags). If you haven’t yet, go read Part 1 and Part 2: Part 1 – 72-Hour Kits for Beginners –... Read More

Free Valentines Printable Acts of Service for Mom

My sister is my best friend. And she lives 716 miles away. That’s a 9-hour-55-minute drive. But who’s counting? I had a very strong urge to do something for her... Read More

72-Hour Emergency Kits For Beginners – A Step-by-Step Guide! (PART 2 – ADULT PACKS)

This is Part 2. If you haven’t read 72-Hour Emergency Kits For Beginners – Part 1, go read that now and then come back to Part 2. No Excuses! But... Read More

Printable List of Things to Know When Buying a Used Vehicle

I’ve bought quite a few used cars in my life. My first car when I turned 16 was a 4-door charcoal grey 1984 Honda Accord. I bought it with cash... Read More

3 Tips to Teach Littles to Be Kind & Free Printable Kindness Chart

I got a text from my sister-in-law a couple weeks ago, saying she was at her whit’s end with her 3-year-old being mean to his little brother (age 1). She... Read More

A Free Printable Come, Follow Me 2019 Reading Schedule for the New Testament and Book of Mormon

UPDATE: FOR THE 2020 SCHEDULE, CLICK HERE!!!!! In October of this year, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints announced that our church meetings would be cut back from... Read More

A Year of Personal Progress for Young Women

I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints my entire life and I loved Personal Progress when I was in the Young Women program... Read More

The Yummiest Homemade Non-Sugary Snack for the Holidays

I love food.  I love sugary food.  But sometimes you need something that feels festive without all the sugar.  Just enough to keep you from puking, and then you can... Read More

Free Printable Book of Mormon Reading Schedule – UPDATED Dec 2, 2018!

***UPDATE** It is now Sunday, October 21st, Monday, October 29th, Sunday, December 2nd and I have had a couple requests to create a new schedule that starts today.  So for... Read More

How to Host an Unforgettable (White Elephant) Gift Exchange Party

We’ve all been to one (and if you haven’t, all the more reason to host one yourself)!  White Elephant Gift Exchanges come in all different shapes and sizes.  From the... Read More