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There is SO MUCH PLANNING that goes into having a smooth and enjoyable vacation.  It starts well before you arrive at your destination, so let’s get planning!

This ONE Travel Hack Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE – the Travel Tote

Whether you’re traveling with kids or traveling alone, this one tip will make packing for a trip EASY and FAST! Plan ahead and have the majority of your items packed... Read More

How to Avoid Doctor’s Office Germs With Little Kids (Adults Too!)

Cold and flu season is upon us!  I hate sickness. I hate germs. Germaphobia is real. And I have it. Bigtime. I’d say my level of germaphobia is in the... Read More

11 Things to Bring From Home For a Romantic Night at a Hotel

With a little bit of planning and bringing a few extra things from home, you can make a romantic night at a hotel a whole lot more enjoyable and affordable.... Read More

Suburban vs Odyssey – Why I Went From Minivan to SUV to Minivan

**This post contains affiliate links; using my links helps to support my blogging and my family at no extra cost to you.** After posting a picture of the new (very... Read More

Kids REALLY CAN Help You Pack! Free Printables to Help!

Have you ever wished there was a way to have your kids ACTUALLY HELP you prepare for a vacation?  I will admit…until this year, I have always done it alone. ... Read More

Pack Outfits For Your Kids & Save Time on Your Vacation

Welcome to my PACKING OUTFITS POST.  The post before this was specifically the TRAVEL TOTE post, something that you would ideally set up well in advance of a trip. This... Read More

Travel Hacks – 4 Tips For Packing Kids’ (& Adults’) Teeth Stuff

I have found four annoying issues when it comes to tooth brushing stuff and traveling.  Really?!  4 problems.  This is 2018, and I have 4 problems with brushing my teeth on... Read More

Travel Hack: Create Space to Hang Everyone’s Towels

We have a lot of kids.  When we travel as a family, regardless of if we are staying in a hotel, a cabin, or someone’s house, there is rarely a place... Read More

The BEST Way to Pack Hair Things When Traveling With Kids

Being the organization junkie that I am, I get excited when I see anything clear with a lid. True story. This little guy is a game changer.  Especially when traveling.... Read More

11 Sneaky Ways the Library Can Transform Summer & Road Trips

Have the summer boredom blues begun at your house?  Yup.  Mine too.  Perhaps your kids (and YOU) think the library is boring.  I am here to change that.  Planning a... Read More