Emergency Preparedness Challenge for Families

During this time of total uncertainty, are you wondering how you can make the most of this time to increase your family’s preparedness?  Use this schedule and spend 15 minutes a day to not only get your family more prepared for various emergencies, but also, to teach your kids more about the things that really matter!

15-Minute Emergency Preparedness Challenge for Families

Welcome to the 

15-Minute Emergency Preparedness Challenge for Families!

I want to help you get your family more prepared. And I want to do it NOW.

Not next year. Not when your kids are older. Not once you finish this project at home or that project at work. Let’s do this NOW.

The biggest two reasons people don’t dig into emergency preparedness are

Am I right?!

This challenge takes care of both of those problems!


That’s all the time this will take.  You even get weekends off.


That’s it! You give me 15 minutes a day, and I will take care of the rest!

Here are just a few of the areas that you will have confidence in by the end of October:

You thought it would be less, didn’t you? I bet you never imagined you could feel confident in all those areas in just one month, let alone only spending 15 minutes a day on it.

So let’s get this party started, shall we?

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The tasks in the first week are just for you as the parent. They include things like printing out checklists, finding things around your home, and making some small purchases if you don’t already have them. This week is fundamental in preparing for the following weeks.

The second week is a great week to involve older kids, ages 8ish on up. It certainly isn’t necessary to include them just yet, but I am a firm believer in including your children in as much of this as possible, since they are just as susceptible to emergencies as we are. You may want to include them on some days and not on others, depending on their ages and abilities. Week 2 includes things like operating your garage door during a power outage, shutting off utilities, etc.

The third week is another one for your older kids to do with you. This week focuses on things like testing fire alarms, learning about a family emergency plan, preparing a list of things you would like to have on hand in your home, etc.

THIS! THIS IS THE WEEK! This week is for your ENTIRE family, toddlers on up! This is the culminating week where you teach your kids of all ages what they should do in a variety of emergency situations:

Share this with a friend and help others get their families more prepared too!

Family Emergency Preparedness Challenge

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  2. Marlaina Bair

    Thanks for this emergency preparedness calendar. We were able to do all of the challenges and feel more prepared.

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Welcome to the Family Emergency Preparedness Challenge!

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I'm SO glad you're here! This is going to be a month! Let's get started.


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