Helpful Links for 72-Hour Kits for Families

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Let me know if you have any questions!!!!!

Step 1 - Notes, Ziplocs, & Sharpies

Set of Mini Screwdrivers Super small, lightweight, and inexpensive.  

We also have a set in our kitchen because it’s so handy!

Jumbo Hefty Bags– get the name brand on these

Ziploc BIG Bags – these have a wider base, so they can hold a lot!

Mini Zipper Bags

Step 2 - Packs

I bought rolling backpacks similar to these ones on Amazon for our younger kids. 

If you like the idea of having a RED backpack for your kids, this one is decently priced … but it doesn’t have wheels.

Step 3 - Prepare Your Space

Step 4 - Prepare Your Lists


Step 5 - Personal Bags

Disposable pads/placemats or these are the same ones – a clean surface to put food on, etc.

Step 6 - Survival Bags

Work gloves – 12 pair, making them each about $2.50 a pair

Bandana – less than $1 a piece when you buy a dozen

Poncho – I go cheap on these (about $2.50 a piece).  The nicer ones are bulky, and space is at a premium here.  However, I do think it’s worth getting the ones with sleeves and a drawstring around the hood. This set has 4 adult and 4 kid ponchos.

Survival blanket – this is SO much better than the little foil blankets you think of when you hear “emergency blanket.” These combine the quality of reflecting body heat with the durability of a thicker, tougher blanket.

Emergency Sleeping Bag – this 2-pack is a great price

Handwarmers and toe warmers – these 40-packs are the best value for sure!  I have 5 packs of each in each person’s survival bag

Pepper Spray – not only for protection from people, but also animals

Compass/Whistle/Mirror/Waterproof Match Holder/Fire Starter/Necklace Thing

Notice the money-saving 3-pack.  Or heck!  If you buy 30 of them they are dirt cheap.  Get some friends together and split the 30-pack!

Sparkie Fire Starter – watch the video on Amazon – very cool!

Fuel Discs  – Small and lightweight

Super Glue (these singles are great for one-time use) –  in fact, this is the only way I buy Super Glue now. That way the lid doesn’t glue itself shut. Just open it, use it, and throw it away. Get a fresh one the next time you need Super Glue. Genius!

Screwdrivers – already mentioned in Step 1.  Helpful to open battery compartments on anything that requires batteries in your pack – make sure you get the appropriate tips that you’ll need. 

 Zip Ties 

Tube Tent  ***NOTE: there are several options on this page, many of which, are sleeping bags. Make sure you have the TENT selected!***

N95 Masks– MAKE SURE they are N-95 to filter out particulates for smoke from wildfires

Step 7 - Clothing Bags

Jumbo Hefty Bags – get the name brand on these

Ziploc BIG Bags – these have a wider base, so they can hold a lot!

Gloves – these turn out to be a little over a dollar a pair.  Total steal!  I have a few pairs in our car and a few in our baseball wagon, because they’re so cheap!

Step 8 - Random / Fun Bags

Dice for Yahtzee (normal) –  (these are cool black ones)

Official Rules of Yahtzee – I printed this out, folded it up, and included it with the scorecards in each 72-hour kit

Maps – Road Atlas


This one is a really good one to have because it’s topographic

Step 9 Loose Items

Comfort food (favorite nonperishable snack) 

  • Make sure you select the pantry can size.  **NOTE: the Snackies Pouches and Snackies Singles have a much shorter shelf life than the pantry cans (most of the Snackies are more like 2 years as opposed to 25 years). All of the freeze-dried fruits and yogurt bites have a shelf life of 25 years in the pantry cans (and the cans have a pop top).  
  • Any of the yogurt bites are awesome.  Our family favorites are strawberry, pomegranate, and vanilla.
  • The freeze-dried fruits are delicious.  Our family’s favorites are the banana slices and the strawberries.
  • The freeze-dried corn is bomb.  I know that might sound weird, but it is SO DANG GOOD!  
  • Each member of our family got to pick one freeze-dried fruit/snack to put in their pack.

Step 10 - 5-Gallon Bucket

This pop-up pod is really awesome for privacy, should the need for a bucket toilet ever arise.


This link is a good option – it has the bucket, liners, toilet seat, plus a couple other things.  I have gotten this multiple times for a Classroom Lockdown Kit for my kids’ teachers.


Crank flashlight/radioThis is the one we have and we are happy with it. The radio works, the flashlight works, it has a battery, solar, AND a crank-powered option. It also has a USB port to charge electronics. We have not tested the solar function but have tested everything else and it all works. This is not necessarily THE ONE I would recommend; there are countless options of flashlights, radios, chargers, etc. This one is 10 years old, so I’m sure there are better ones out there now…this is just what we have!


Shovel – super compact, but attaches in just a few seconds to have a more usable length of a handle. Has several other tools built in. Comes with an instruction sheet inside the carrying case, so no additional instructions are needed.

Lantern – I like these lanterns because they are fairly compact and weather-resistant, and at 2 for $14.99, you can’t beat the price. They have a magnetic bottom, allowing you to stick it to anything magnetic (like the hood of your car). They also have a hook so you can hang them (from a loop inside your tent, or in your car, or from a tree, etc). These go in and out of stock, so if they are out of stock right now, check the recommended similar products – we have two different kinds and they’re both great!  

Barf Bags – these or these are kinda fun…if you get a big pack, put some in your car for road trips!

Step 11 - Water

Water Bricks – There will be a coupon code available for 10% off water bricks the last week of March 2021, so stay tuned and I will update this section with the code when it goes live!

Water Tank – I mentioned that we have a 500-gallon water tank for our home water storage.  This is obviously not something we could load into our car and take with us, but since I mentioned it, I wanted to give you the info here in case you wanted it.  

LifestrawsAfter researching a bunch of options, I like Lifestraws because they are small and can filter a lot of water for how small they are.  They are also highly effective, filtering out almost anything you would ever need to worry about.  Notice I said “almost everything.”  Still not 100%, but dang close!

Water Filter – Having something larger than Lifestraws isn’t a bad idea.  We have a Crown Berkey water filter and LOVE it.  The awesome thing is, we use it every day in our home, but it is also our emergency water filtration plan.  I love it when things can double up with everyday use and emergency use!

Step 12 - Food

Mountain House Camping Food is my favorite.  

Thrive Life has something called “TO GO.” These are full meals, ready to go after adding hot water. 

Honestly, I like Mountain House Camping Food better than Thrive Life To-Go, based on what I’ve tried.

CAN OPENER! – this is my favorite – doesn’t go dull after a month, and it does a smooth, clean job. I am confident this will last well past 72 hours! I actually have a couple of these in my long-term food storage as well.

Disposable pads/placemats or these are the same ones – a clean surface to put food on, etc.

Freaking awesome spork/knife– here is a 3-pack of different colors, to help keep them straight, and another 3-pack with 3 MORE colors (I got one of each pack and am seriously considering throwing all our silverware away and using these on the daily)

Camping Stove – This is the one we got. Very reasonably priced and easy to use (the case is a piece of crap though). However, I was not able to order the butane (fuel canisters) on Amazon because they wouldn’t deliver it to my address. So we just got our fuel at a physical store. Note: you should not use a butane stove indoors. The fumes can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Always use these outside!

Canned Heat – awesome because you can use it inside.

Foldable stove –  LOVE these for a 72-hour kit


Step 13 - Separate Big Items


Step 14 - PETS

This is THE CUTEST STINKIN’ 72-Hour Kit for DOGS.  I am in love with the looks, durability, and functionality.
Use code PLANFORAWESOME10 for $10 off!   You’ll need to add a few essentials like food, and water, but this gets you started with some basics.  

Pet First Aid Kit – the one I linked to before is unavailable but here are some options if you want a pre-done first aid kit.

There are also pre-done entire 72-hour kits for pets ready to go if you don’t want to have to piece your kit together.  Since there are so many different pets out there, here is a list to get you started, but a more narrow search may be better for you, if you type in the specific animal you are looking to cover.

Step 17 - Grab List

NONE! Just do it! This step is FREE!

Step 18 - Rotation Guide

NONE! Just do it! This step is FREE!

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