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Emergency Preparedness

72 Hour KitsEmergency PlanWater StorageFood StorageImportant DocumentsHome InventoryFinancial Preparedness…Death of a Loved One…These are just a few topics we’ll cover IN DEPTH and STEP BY STEP, breaking them up into manageable tasks.  If you don’t know where to start, go to Emergency Preparedness Step 1!

Essential Items to Purchase to Prepare for Power Outages

If you live in California, you are probably wondering where to start to get prepared for the planned public safety power outages this fire season. With the first official outage... Read More

How CA Can Prepare for PG&E Power Outages in 2019 – Part 4

This is the fourth and final part to this series on getting prepared for extended power outages. These are things you can do right before a power outage as well... Read More

5-Minute Emergency Preparedness Challenge: Free Printable

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month! So I thought it would be fitting to make a fun little challenge to help you increase your level of preparedness for various emergencies.... Read More

Preparing California for Extended Power Outages – Part 3

With the anticipated planned power outages in California this 2019 fire season (Public Safety Power Shutoffs), there are things California residents can do to be prepared. Power companies have announced... Read More

DIY First Aid Kit for Families with a Free Printable List

Use this free printable checklist to build your Home First Aid Kit for your family. This article has helpful tips for making a first aid kit, first aid product comparisons... Read More

Prepare Your Family for an Earthquake: 11 Things to Do Now

Preparing for an earthquake is so important! There are things you can do to prepare your home for an earthquake, as well as to prepare your family for an earthquake.... Read More

Generators and Fuel: A Helpful Guide for Californians-Part 2

What things should you consider before purchasing a generator? Is a generator the best way to prepare for extensive power outages? What type of fuel is best, and how should... Read More

My Favorite Pack for 72-Hour Kits is ON SALE!

This is the best pack I have seen for the price, for packing your 72-hour emergency kits in. And these packs are ON SALE on Amazon! I love these packs... Read More

How CA Residents can Prepare for PG&E Power Outages in 2019 – PART 1

PG&E has announced that they plan on cutting power to certain areas of California throughout this upcoming 2019 wildfire season when conditions are ripe for wildfires. They anticipate power outages... Read More

Wedding Gift: 72-Hour Kits for the Bride and Groom

His & Hers 72-Hour Kits: A unique wedding gift idea for a newlywed couple to get started on their Emergency Preparedness. I would have LOVED to get this for a... Read More