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Force of Nature: Effective AND Easy To Store

Calling all Germaphobes who care about the Earth, and also don’t have room to store a year’s supply of Clorox wipes!

If you know me at all, you know that Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are pretty much my stress blankie.  But Covid and supply chain issues really did a number on me and my dependence on Clorox wipes. 

I have the solution for you (yes, pun intended)!

I’ve been using Force of Nature Clean for over a year now, and am happy to report that it passes the Melanie-Germ-Killing-Emergency-Preparedness-Satisfaction Test!

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The story that motivated the pursuit of Emergency Preparedness Cleaning Supplies

If you were following me on Instagram in 2020, you may remember that I had quite a scare when Covid hit and Costco was limiting the purchase of Clorox wipes to 1.  A limit of ONE.




I *may* have packed some outfit changes and changed hair styles in the car to go back in for another pack.  And another.


And I may have gotten busted on my 4th time back in because an employee recognized me.


In my defense, I was also shopping for an elderly couple in my neighborhood, and they had requested a pack.  So really, only 3 of those were for me.


I started really panicking when I thought about how I could keep this from happening again.  How am I going to disinfect my counters, doorknobs, phone, bathroom counters, toilet seats, etc, etc, etc, if there are even worse supply chain issues with Clorox wipes again?

Force of Nature Clean is effective and Non-Toxic

I’ll be honest – I was skeptical at first. I thought maybe it wasn’t very effective, since it’s “all natural.”
Did I mention I am a bit of a germaphobe? Don’t get me wrong – I don’t love toxins, but if it comes to toxins OR sanitization, I’m going with sanitization every.single.time.

But then I did some research, and learned it is JUST AS EFFECTIVE AS CLOROX WIPES!

Force of Nature Clean has become one of my FAVORITE preparedness items to stock up on. 

Not only is it effective, but a year’s supply of this stuff fits in a tiny little shelf in my cupboard. It really is incredible!

  • It cleans virtually any surface

  • No harmful fumes

  • Pet-friendly and kid friendly

  • As effective as bleach

  • No rinsing needed

  • The capsules are recyclable

  • No more one time use containers

  • Stops odors at the source (garbage cans, kids' sports equipment, litter boxes, pet dishes, etc)

  • It's on List N, which is the federal EPA's list of products approved for use against SARS-CoV-s, the cause of COVID-19

space saving sanitation for emergency preparedness

Where most people get excited about Force of Nature Clean because of its non-toxic properties (it’s literally vinegar, salt, and water, thrown together in a science experiment beaker type situation), I’m most excited about the size of it!  

From an emergency preparedness standpoint, the space-saving aspect of this is worth the switch alone!!

 Especially for someone like me.


  • We live in California.
  • We don’t have a basement.
  • We don’t even have a spare bedroom.
  • How on earth am I supposed to find space for a stockpile of Clorox Wipes?

Is anyone else out there a little shy on storage space for all the things they want to store?

I absolutely love it when something I use on the daily also has an emergency preparedness application/reason behind it.  This fits both categories.  


Force of Nature Capsules are as effective as Clorox wipes but take up a fraction of the space.  I literally have over a year’s supply of capsules of this stuff in the corner of one of my cupboards. OVER a year’s supply.  

A Few Uses For This little miracle worker

Budget Friendly FOrce of Nature Cleaning Kit

Want to know how much a batch of it costs?  $1.


Yes, you read that right- it is only $1/capsule.  Once you get the beaker and a spray bottle, it costs you a whoppin’ buck to make an entire bottle of this stuff.  They always offer discounts in the banner at the top of their website, so check out the Force of Nature Clean starter kit and other bundles here.


Investing in this Force of Nature cleaning kit will give you more space AND more money for other emergency preparedness items.  

You’re welcome.


Truth?  I still buy Clorox wipes.  Some things are just easier to use them on.  Then again, Force of Nature Clean is easier to use on most stuff!
So right now, I live in a world where I have both.  I use them both daily.

The difference is, I can hold an entire year’s supply of Force of Nature Clean in the palm of my hand. Okay, it’s a pretty tall stack…my year’s supply is probably a lot more than your year’s supply. But still – it can be done (with mad ninja balancing skills).

I’ve been using Force of Nature Clean for over a year and it really is as good as it sounds. I don’t take your trust lightly, and I’m careful about what/who I recommend.  Force of Nature Clean has my full approval as a daily and emergency preparedness cleaning solution.

Cleaning supplies are just one of MANY things we ought to be storing for situations that we faced during Covid times.  Whether it be another worldwide pandemic, a war in Ukraine, or just good old-fashioned supply chain issues, we are sure to face the inability to get something that we need at some point in our lives.  For other non-food items that I recommend storing for emergencies, check out this blog post.

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