This website is HANDS DOWN the BEST place to get affordable eyeglasses for kids AND adults. Like, crazy affordable.

These glasses are SO affordable, but still great quality! I love that they are so inexpensive that I can get several pairs for my daughter and not even feel guilty about it! #kidsglasses #kidglasses

I hate how expensive glasses are! It is so frustrating to spend well over $100 for a pair of glasses, especially for a kid. Not only do younger children tend to be a little less responsible with their belongings than adults (resulting in broken glasses), but their eye prescriptions change so frequently that they often require a new pair of glasses every time they go to the eye doctor. This can get really expensive, especially if you have multiple kids in glasses.

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“Normal” Price Tag for Glasses

The first time I had a kid who needed glasses, I had a hard time swallowing the $175 price tag of ONE pair at the eye doctor’s office. I politely said we wanted to look a few more places, and we went directly to Costco. Honestly, the prices at Costco weren’t that great. They were a little better than the doctor’s office, but still way more money than I was willing to spend.

Unbelievably Amazing Price Tag for Glasses

Enter Zenni Optical. I remembered my sister telling me a couple years before about a website that had really cute glasses for cheap. I immediately texted her from Costco and asked her what it was. I looked up their website right then and there, and decided that’s where we would be ordering from.

Interactive Trying On of Glasses

We went home, took a picture of my daughter’s face with the webcam, uploaded it to the website, and she “tried on” a bunch of different styles of glasses right there in our living room. The interactive tool that they have on their website is SO HELPFUL for something as particular as glasses.

Get Variety and STILL Save Money

These glasses are SO cheap and so dang cute!  Great quality and I love that they are so inexpensive that I can get several pairs for my daughter and not even feel guilty about it! #kidsglasses #kidglasses

I let her pick out THREE pair, because, I am not exaggerating…two of them were $9.95, and one was a total splurge, coming in at $23.95. WHAAAAAAT?!?!?! That is SO CHEAP! No hidden costs! Of course they have lots of options for upgrades, but I skipped all of them except for the anti-reflective coating. For $4.95, I figured that would be worth it. But that’s it. My grand total for 3 pair of glasses was $58.70 and that included shipping. So my daughter got 3 different options (all different colors, just for fun) for 1/3 the price of what ONE pair would have cost at the eye doctor. Win-win!

Why Zenni?

I am so happy with the value, quality and selection of Zenni Optical!!

Price / Value

I think I’d have to say the number one reason for my obsession with Zenni is the price. You just CAN’T BEAT the prices. But it’s not just the prices. It’s the value. It’s what you get for your money. With most things in this world, you get what you pay for. But with Zenni, you get the same quality for seriously 1/10th of the price. It’s just that simple.


I have purchased 2 pairs of glasses for myself, 3 for one of my daughters, and 3 for my other daughter. Out of all of those glasses, only one pair is broken, and it’s because someone sat on them. These glasses hold up just as well as any other pair of glasses I’ve owned!


You would think that a website that offers such deep discounts would have a super crappy selection. Wrong again! There are tons of options with lots of different colors and styles to choose from.

Shopping Experience

This website is a tried and true shopping experience from start to finish. The website is easy to navigate, and the ability to try on the glasses wherever you are accessing the website from is truly amazing!

Now Go Get You Some Glasses, Girl!

And don’t just get one pair; get a few! I love that I don’t feel bad about splurging and getting a few different colors, because they are so inexpensive!

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This website has such cute glasses and they are SO cheap and such great quality!  I love that they are so inexpensive that I can get a few pairs for my daughter and not even feel guilty about it! #kidsglasses #kidglasses