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How to Get an Emergency Supply of Medication for Preparedness Purposes

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Have you ever thought about what you would do if you found yourself cut off from modern medical care and treatment?


It can be a scary thing to think about.  Especially if you or a family member requires a prescription medication that you can’t really stock up on ahead of time.


I have some suggestions for you to better protect your family.  And I found a company that offers an emergency supply of medication at an affordable price, for you to add to your non-food storage! (AND I have a coupon code for you at the end!)

Tips to stock up on prescription medication

If you have family members who depend on prescription medication, I would urge you to speak with your physician about it.  Explain that you are wanting to get an extra “X” amount of days or even months of your medication.  I can’t promise they will oblige, but it’s worth an ask.

Here are some tips for getting a few extras of your medications:

  • Ask your doctor for an extra prescription (be prepared to pay cash – your insurance likely won’t cover it)
  • Refill your prescriptions the very first day they are eligible for refills (having said that, finish your old bottle before starting your new one and don’t combine the medication from both bottles…you want to avoid mixing lot numbers and expiration dates.)
  • Ask your doctor for samples
  • Look at natural remedies if there are any, and get ahold of some of those
  • At the very least, talk to your doctor about a Plan B if they won’t prescribe you any extras

Side note while we’re on the topic: If you have medical devices or prescriptions that require refrigeration, I strongly recommend investing in a generator that is powerful enough to power your medical devices/refrigerator.

Introducing the Jase Case emergency medicine supply

I have been looking for years for a way to get antibiotics for a time when we might not have access to medical care.

This is a good idea for a variety of scenarios where you might find yourself cut off from modern medical care and treatment:

  • Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Global Pandemic
  • Natural Disasters
  • Outdoor Adventures (far from civilization)
  • Foreign Travel

Call me a wuss, but I don’t want to risk not having something so vital!

The second I learned about Jase Medical, I knew I was in.  This was what I had been looking for!

The uses for these are not restricted to one specific scenario of “end of the world” type stuff.

Here is what is included in every Jase Case:

  • Emergency Antibiotic Guide written by board-certified physicians as a companion to the use of your prescribed antibiotics

  • Amoxicillin-clavulanate - 875 mg tablets (28 tablets)

  • Azithromycin - 250 mg tablets (6 tablets)

  • Ciprofloxacin - 500 mg tablets (28 tablets)

  • Doxycycline - 100 mg capsules (120 capsules)

  • Metronidazole - 500 mg tablets (30 tablets)

  • Unlimited physician follow-up for any questions relating to the use of any medication prescribed

  • The listed medications may be substituted or removed at the discretion of the physician in the case of allergies

open jase medical supply bag.

Safely store an emergency supply of medicine for longer

Did you know that the FDA requires pharmacies to put an expiration date of 1 YEAR on prescriptions?!    

Most antibiotics will come with an expiration date between 2 – 3 years from the date of manufacture.  

However, under proper storage conditions, antibiotics’ expiration dates can be extended for a minimum of an ADDITIONAL 5 years. Studies have even shown 90% retained potency after as many as 20 years!

To maximize the shelf-life of your medications, they should be stored in air-tight containers in a cool, dry environment.

None of the prescribed antibiotics in a Jase Case run the risk of becoming toxic after expiration, so you don’t have to worry about doing any harm by taking them after their expiration dates.



**this is unofficial advice I share with my friends and family – it is not from Jase Medical**

Any time you (or a comparable household member AKA another adult) get prescribed an identical antibiotic that is in your Jase Case, use the one from the Jase Case and replace it with the newer medication.


What Types of Conditions The Jase Case Antibiotics Cover

How To Get your Emergency Supply of Medication

 1.  Complete a simple online form for an evaluation from a board-certified physician.

  • Be prepared to verify your identity with a driver’s license, passport or other unexpired government issued photo ID.  This is a physician requirement to comply with telemedicine laws.
  • Your privacy and security is Jase Medical’s top priority. They operate in complete compliance with governmental regulations and employ strict security measures to protect your privacy and data.
  • You will have a free consultation with a physician.  The only payment made will be for the prescribed meditations after the physician verifies that your order is appropriate.
  • Typically, the physician is able to make an informed decision about your prescription based on your online consultation.
  • Further contact will only be necessary if the physician has questions regarding your medical history.

2.  Your medication will be delivered from a pharmacy in Jase’s Network via either USPS or Canadian Post, and conveniently arrive at your front door.


3.  Get any of your treatment related questions answered by sending a message to your physician.  


Cost breakdown of the antibiotics included in a Jase Case, compared to Walgreens, Target, & Walmart

This comparison table from the Jase Medical website is super helpful!  Fortunately I have never had to purchase all of these antibiotics at the same time, so I would not have appreciated what an incredible price this is.  Not to mention being able to GET all of these antibiotics to have on hand, without ever leaving your home!


Check it out HERE, and use code PLANFORAWESOME for $10 off your Jase Case!


If you have more questions,  check out the Jase Medical website – they have a very comprehensive FAQs section, including things like:


Is it legal to prescribe medications for emergency use?
Is Jase Medical available in my state or country?
Who can order a Jase Case?
What if I have an allergy to one of the antibiotics?
Which conditions are treated by these antibiotics?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Do I have to have a physical within the past two years to qualify for a Jase Case?



Imagining a sick family member is not fun to think about.  That is why I am SO GRATEFUL they have made this available for those of us wanting to prepare: the ability to treat strep throat, UTIs, ear infections and more, for a very affordable price, all in one convenient kit.  This is SUCH a wonderful opportunity to get an emergency supply of medication and have the confidence that you are prepared to take care of your family.

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