The September 2021
Marco Polo Channel
Is Closed.

For all the moms out there feeling the urge to get started on your Family's
emergency preparedness...

Get the motivation and accountability you need
in order to build a solid foundation of preparedness in your home

You know you should be doing more to get your family more prepared, but you just cAN'T GET Motivated!

You don't have
enough time

With kids and church and work and sports and carpools and meal planning and grocery shopping, how in the world can you possibly tackle Emergency Preparedness?

You don't know where to start

You want to do it all. You know you should do it all. But since you can't do it all, you do nothing. 72-Hour Kits, Food Storage, Water Storage, Emergency Fund, JUST TELL ME WHERE TO START, RIGHT?!

You have so many questions

Even if you can make time and know where to start, what are you supposed to do when you have questions? (the type of questions that can't be answered with a google search)

What if in just one month:


Get peace of mind by ACTUALLY COMPLETING the foundational steps of emergency preparedness for your family, once and for all!


3 ways That this is Different from other Emergency Preparedness REsources

Covers the Basics

Quick and Easy

Woman video chatting


The September 2021
Marco Polo Channel
Is Closed.

I'm Melanie

I created this Marco Polo Channel for YOU!

I’m gonna cut right to the chase.

I love emergency preparedness.  I more than love it – I am passionate about it.  I believe that EVERY family, regardless of their circumstances, can and should do what they can to prepare for emergencies, big or small.

I’m also a busy mom.  Just like you, I don’t have time to waste hours searching for answers on the internet.  That’s why I’m doing this Marco Polo Channel – so I can help you actually get your family prepared WITHOUT wasting valuable time looking for answers. 

I’ve got you.  Let’s get this done!

Commit to building the foundation of preparedness for your family this September




A few reasons this Marco Polo Channel is so dang awesome:

What Cassie Thinks

“Melanie {Plan for Awesome} is such an incredible resource! She is smart, thorough in her research and explains things in a way that isn’t intimidating. She is a genius yet also relatable. You can feel her passion and you just want to be a part of it! Her printables are adorable and she makes it fun. Instead of feeling guilty for not having already implemented the plans and strategies, I feel empowered and encouraged to start now.”

Instead of feeling guilty for not having already implemented the plans and strategies, I feel empowered and encouraged to start now. 

Cassie, Mom of 3

(Payette, ID)

Here is what's included:

On September 1st, you will be sent an invitation to join the Marco Polo Channel for the entire month of September.  Once you join, you will receive a video from me 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, with a new task to accomplish that day.  The video will include detailed instructions of how to accomplish the task, as well as a demonstration or example of the task, when applicable.

Any time you have a question, want to clarify something, or just want to continue the conversation about the task for that day, you can submit a question to me, and I will either respond via video to you directly, or if I think it would benefit the entire group, I will share my answer with the entire group.

An ebook (designed for use on a device) as well as a printable PDF (using less pages and color ink than the ebook) are included with your purchase.  
While the videos will include all the information in the ebook/PDF, this will provide you with an additional resource to refer back to, after the channel is completed.

All supporting printables are also included.  For example: there are several days where your task will be to simply have a family chat about a topic, and teach your children of all ages.  On these days, you will use a printable checklist of talking points and things to practice with your children.  There are also some printables for you to hang in your home/garage, with instructions for using certain tools in your home.

Sometimes all it takes for us to accomplish our goals is to tell someone else about them.  This Marco Polo group not only provides a clear plan with expert support, but it also provides each member a chance to hold themselves accountable.  THIS CHANNEL’S PURPOSE IS TO PRODUCE REAL RESULTS!  We will not just talk about what we should do – WE WILL DO THEM!

Do you like free stuff??  
Are you motivated by prizes??

Let’s just say, my answer to both of those questions is HECK YES, so there will be BOTH going on every week! 🥳🎉

September Marco Polo Channel



What Ashley thinks

“Being able to Marco Polo with Melanie has been a huge blessing! As a mom of 3 it’s extremely convenient to stop and start to fit my schedule, as well as tailoring it to fit my family’s needs. It’s one thing to read a list and never tackle it, but Marco Polo has motivated me to get all our emergency essentials taken care of and organized! Wow!”

Ashley, Mom of 3   (Rancho Cordova, CA)


The channel officially starts on Wednesday, September 1st.  You will receive your invitation to the channel, along with the link to the accompanying ebook and printables, no later than 9amPDT on Sept 1st.  

You will get a video from me every morning with a new task, Monday through Friday, for 4 weeks.  (September 6-October 1st).

Since September starts on a Wednesday, we will use Wednesday (Sept 1st), Thursday (Sept 2nd), and Friday (Sept 3rd) for introductions and to learn some of the cool features you can use in Marco Polo Channels, so you’re ready to roll the following Monday!

Each day is designed to take you 15 minutes or less.  Some days will take less than 5 minutes. Other days will push the 15-minute limit.  

Nope!  No limit to the amount of questions you can ask.

However, the focus for this group will be to accomplish all the basics, so you have a solid foundation to move forward with.  This group is about GETTING IT DONE!  At the end of the month, you will have REAL results.  REAL action plans.  And I am committed to giving you whatever help you need to make that happen!  
Because of that, I don’t want to focus on totally unrelated questions.  So if you have a question about something super unrelated, I may choose to address that in my IG stories or somewhere else, so we don’t lose our focus.

The longest I will go between answering questions will be 24 hours.  I hope to reply to most questions sooner than that, but depending on the day and time, it may have to wait until later that night or first thing the next morning.

No problem!  You can catch up the next day or even that weekend – you will have access to all the videos, as well as the Q&A for all the tasks, for the entire month of September.  You can even ask questions about previous days, and I’ll answer them for ya! 

Nope!  Part of the goal of this group is to have accountability, so we want to have the same group for the entire month.  

Doors close on August 30th at midnight!

The group will have a maximum of 50 people. 

YES, YES, YES!  This is absolutely for EVERYONE;  nobody is immune to emergencies.  I just want people to know that I have kids and cover the bases for larger families as well!

I’m not sure, but as of right now, this is the only time I plan on doing it.  It’s just something special to do in honor of National Emergency Preparedness Month, and I thought it would be a fun and unique way to connect with YOU!

If you have another question that hasn’t been answered yet, PLEASE ASK!  Email me at

Commit to building the foundation of preparedness for your family this September





PS – After submitting this form, you will be offered the full curriculum for a crazy good deal that you will never see again – just wanted to give you a heads up!

Thank you for joining my email list!

I can’t wait to spoil you with freebies and 

I  promise to keep your email address private ❤️

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