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Why you really need to organize your personal information

Information Hub Series - Part 1

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If you’ve been around here for a while, then you know that I will always advocate for you to organize your personal information. 


This post is part 1 of a series on the Information Hub. I’ll be telling you why keeping all of your family’s personal information in one place comes in handy for more than just emergency situations.

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Why you need to organize your personal information

Consider these scenarios; at least one is probably going to sound familiar to you:

  • Have you ever received a frantic text or call from your teenager asking for their social security number? They're applying for their first job and memorizing that important number hasn't happened yet...

  • Your child is coming home from school to an empty house for the first time. They won't be home alone long, but you'd feel much better if they knew which neighbor's door to knock on if there's an emergency.

  • You need a background check in order to volunteer for an organization. In order for the background check to be completed, you have to provide every address you've lived at for the past 10 years.

  • You're planning an overseas vacation. Do you know when your passport expires? Do you know where to find all the documents you need to get a new passport?

  • LinkedIn is a great place for expanding your network, so you're trying to keep your accomplishments, certifications, and volunteer work up to date. Did you take that course two years ago, or was it more like 2 decades ago?

  • Thinking of making a career change? The application is going to ask you all about your former employers. Rather than spend an hour Googling the HR manager's contact info, you have it all saved in one spot.

  • You've decided to homeschool your kids, but your State Board of Education wants a copy of your High School Diploma and College Degrees. It'll be tricky to find because you just moved and haven't unpacked all the boxes yet.

Are you beginning to understand why it’s so important (& convenient) to organize all of your personal information in one place?  Some people think having the physical documents is enough. And trust e, I’m a huge fan of a good emergency binder or fireproof file box.


But what if you need this information when you’re out running errands? Or your kid calls you while you’re waiting at piano lessons with another kid?

That’s the beauty of the Personal Information section of the Information Hub. All the important details in a convenient digital format, stored where you want it and accessible when you need it: for every member of your family!

What's included in the Personal Information pdf

1 – Basic Information


This section includes:

  • Important numbers (Driver’s License, Passport, Social Security, etc)
  • Accounts & Passwords
  • Education
  • Parent Information
  • Accomplishments
  • Clubs/Organizations/Volunteer Work
  • Employment History
  • Helpful Friends/Neighbors Info
  • Previous Addresses

2 – Personal Documents


A place to store pictures of & location of original copies for the following:

  • Social Security card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Plus extra spaces for other relevant documents

3 – Personal Timeline



Plenty of space to add the dates and important information for:

  • Major life events
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Accomplishments
  • Vacations
  • Illnesses
Consider this section your personal ‘At a Glance.’

4 – Family Timeline


This section is a great way to start compiling your family history! It includes:

  • Births
  • Marriages
  • Illnesses
  • Moves
  • Major Events
  • Employment
  • Vacations

5 – Notes


Use this section for whatever you want. It would be a great place to write down funny things your kids say, neighborhoods you might want to build a house in, long-term goals, etc. This part is whatever you need it to be – it just won’t get lost.

woman working on her laptop and taking notes sitting next to a little boy

What happens when you don't organize your personal information

My friend, Audra, was recently telling me about her experience with moving 4 times in 5 years. Her oldest son went to 5 different schools in 5 years. Can you imagine?! That sounds exhausting.

Here’s what she said about storing personal information: 

I really wish you would’ve had the nformation Hub around during all those moves. Do you know how annoying it was to have to track down all the documents I needed to enroll imy son in school every time we moved?!


I thought I had a good system with the file folders in a drawer of our computer desk. But, without fail, every time I needed his birth certificate or social security card, they were not in the right folder. 


For one of our moves, we ended up living in an apartment short-term waiting for our house to be built. Knowing that it was short-term and we’d have our stuff out of storage within 3 months, we left our desk in storage. Yep, the desk that had all of our important information in it.


I had to spend several hours one day Googling all my former employment information and trying to log into accounts to get proof of fitness certifications while filling out job applications to be a group fitness instructor.

Audra’s experiences are not unique.  Well, maybe most of us don’t move that much, but needing to find personal information for yourself or your kids is a common event.

Storing your Personal Information is a great place to start

Starting to organize your personal information is just the beginning. And sometimes the beginning is all you can manage. 

That’s just fine! The most important part is that you start – and for most people, personal information is the easiest to track down and organize. If that’s where you’re at, click here to get the Personal Information fillable pdf.


But, if you’re ready for the whole package then I suggest the entire Information Hub. There is no timeline for completing every section, but you will feel so prepared and organized once you’re done.

mockup of all pages of personal information
  • Basic Information

  • Documents

  • Personal Timeline

  • Family Timeline

  • Notes

  • All in a fillable, pdf file

Start Organizing Now!

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