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Emergency Preparedness – Organize Important Information in ONE Place – Free Printable

I couldn’t decide if this should go under the “Emergency Preparedness” category or the ”Organization” category, because I feel like it belongs equally to both.  This is something to help... Read More

Got Bored Kids? Plan a Trip to the Children’s Museum ASAP!

My Kid Tip today is to take advantage of your local children’s museum.  I didn’t even know these existed until I had kids.  Don’t let the word, “museum,” turn you... Read More

Emergency Preparedness Step 4 – FIREPROOF WATERPROOF BOX

There are a few reasons I believe getting a fireproof waterproof box should be your next step in your EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS journey. It naturally follows the step of being prepared... Read More

Sunglasses Clip for Sun Visor/Air Vent in Car – A MUST-HAVE!

Maybe I am the only one who seems to be on a never-ending quest for organization in my car.   I don’t know what happens.  But regardless of what new... Read More

FREE Printable Toddler Chore Chart

Today is the day for Toddler Chore Charts!  And what would this post be without a FREE TODDLER CHORE CHART PRINTABLE?! These are for kids who can’t read, who are... Read More

11 Sneaky Ways the Library Can Transform Summer & Road Trips

Have the summer boredom blues begun at your house?  Yup.  Mine too.  Perhaps your kids (and YOU) think the library is boring.  I am here to change that.  Planning a... Read More

7 Ways to Use Mini Containers from the Dollar Store

Okay, today’s favorite thing doesn’t have a link, because it comes from the Dollar Store.  I did find something that looks like it’s the same thing on Amazon, but they’re... Read More

Emergency Preparedness Step 3 – Preparing For House Fires

*** 7 people die every day from a home fire, most impacting children and the elderly*** Welcome to Step 3 of Emergency Preparedness – PREPARING FOR HOUSE FIRES. **This page... Read More

FREE Printable Chore Charts For Kids Who Can Read

Need help getting your kids to do their chores without being reminded every 5 minutes? These free printable chore charts are perfect to whip your summer into shape! I had... Read More