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How to Launch Self-Sufficient Kids
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We know we are successful when our kids do not need to depend on us for everything.  Do yourself and the future generation a favor by helping them learn how to be self-sufficient kids.  Teach them how to organize their personal important information and then how to access and utilize it.


Emergency or not, this is a life skill that every kid needs before they head out on their own!

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Why helping teens organize their personal information helps them to become self-sufficient, but also helps you as the parent!

Consider these scenarios; at least one is probably going to sound familiar to you:

  • Every time you call the school to excuse your child's absence, you have to find that email from the school last year that has their student ID #.

  • Your teenager calls you in a panic because they don't know if they have enough money in their bank account for the purchase they are attempting to make.

  • On the family RV trip, your adventurous little guy manages to put a nail through his foot. The local urgent care is going to automatically give him a tetanus shot unless you can provide them with the date of his last one.

  • Your teenager can drive now, which means they're fully capable of picking up their own prescription from the pharmacy. You want to empower them with all of the information they need to competently manage refills so they don't text you when they have an empty bottle.

  • You and your spouse are going on an anniversary trip, and you know you should take the time to provide all your kids' medical information to the person caring for your children should they need it, but dang. You don't have time for that!

  • Your teen is at the point where they are applying for jobs and filling out college applications, and if they ask you for their sociual security number one more time, you're gonna lose it!

  • Your child wants to participate in a mission trip that is outside of the US. They are required to provide medical history that includes allergies, medical conditions, and vaccine records.

Are you beginning to understand why it’s so important and convenient to organize all of your children’s information in one place? I’m a huge fan of a good emergency binder or fireproof file box.  But no one is going to lug a binder on their family vacation in anticipation of an emergency room visit.  And if you drop what you’re doing to look up information that your teenager is requesting, you are not teaching them responsibility.



The Child section of the Information Hub enables you to record all the important details in a convenient digital format.  It is stored where you want it and accessible when you need it: for every member of your family!

What's included in the Child Information pdf

1 – Personal

  • Basic Info
  • School
  • Childcare
  • Friends
  • Sports/Clubs/Volunteer
  • Employment History
  • Accomplishments
  • Passwords
  • Documents

2 – Medical


Not even super mom could keep all of this straight for one child, let alone multiple:


  • Blood Type
  • Organ Donor
  • Allergies
  • Conditions
  • Treatment
  • Medications
  • Surgeries
  • Doctors
  • Insurance
  • Vaccines

3 – Financial

This is a short, but crucial list.  Show them how to manage this information now to set them up for future success:
  • Banks
  • Investments
  • Bills

4 – Life Insurance

Do you have an individual policy for them?  Most likely they are not even aware of it.

The hope is that your children will outlive you, right?  In that event, they will need to be able to access their own insurance policy without your assistance.

5 – Photos

Specific photos for identification purposes.  

6 – Timeline


Utilize this section for any event that you would like to record.  This is a big picture accounting of your child’s life.

7 – Notes


Use this section for whatever you want and know that it will forever be secure.  Include details that weren’t specifically covered that would be helpful for you or others if you lost/forgot the information, or were incapacitated.  Anything from where you keep family heirlooms that you intend to pass on to your children to funny things that your child said. All the things you want them to know before launching your teen into adulthood.

Multiple device mockup of child section from Information Hub.

Why these things teens should learn before leaving home are so important

My friend, Debra, is well into the teenage years with her kids. Some are doing a great job being self-sufficient kids and others still have a few things to learn before launching into adulthood. She gave me permission to share a couple experiences with two of her sons.

When my oldest son, Bryson, was filling out college applications he knew exactly where to find all of the information that he was being asked for. He had taken the time a few years earlier to fill out his own Info Hub section.


He had filled in everything from his Eagle Scout project to the different clubs he had been a part of: all of the organizations plus the dates he had participated in them, and contact information for supervisors. It made a stressful task so much easier!


But my son, Carter? He called me from Walmart when he was filling out a job application. He had gotten to the Work Experience section and needed to know the dates of when he had worked for a former employer. If he had this stuff in his Info Hub, he wouldn’t have needed to call me. 

Anyone with kids will go through similar scenarios at some point. How cool would it be if your kids had all the information they needed right at their fingertips? Not only will they not have to call mom, but they’ll feel empowered that they know where to find that important information when they need it. 


Having access to and knowing details like when they had that surgery as a kid, or who their supervisor was during that time they volunteered at the animal shelter, will serve them for the rest of their life.


Gathering and accessing this information is an essential life skill that you definitely want them to have experience with, before launching your teen into adulthood.

Self-sufficient kids are made one life skill at a time

Starting to organize your children’s information will give you so much peace of mind and save you a ton of time.  But making it accessible to your whole family is when you will really reap the benefits.


Do yourself a favor and check out the Child Section of the Information Hub.  I suspect that as you’re completing it, you will realize other areas in your life that could be improved from this level of organization.


I suggest you take advantage of your momentum and tackle the complete Information Hub package.  There is no timeline for completing every section, but you will feel so prepared and organized once you’re done!

  • Basic Information

  • Documents

  • Personal Timeline

  • Family Timeline

  • Notes

  • All in a fillable, pdf file

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