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The Easiest Way To Organize Your Important Car Information

ipad on white table shows easiest way to organize your important car information with vehicle section of info hub

Insurance, maintenance and loans…oh my! It’s not the fun stuff to talk about or even keep track of, but you will be so happy if you take the time to organize your important car information.



Keep reading to see the essential checklist for car owners and why it might be important to have this information in one, easy to find place.

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Why you need to organize your Vehicle Maintenance Records

Consider these scenarios; at least one is probably going to sound familiar to you:

  • You are getting your vehicle serviced when the mechanic tells you that you need a new battery. Except, you're almost positive you replaced it within the last few months. Or was that the other vehicle? Not knowing for sure could cost you time and money.

  • You're trying to sell your car and a potential buyer calls and asks if you have maintenance records.

  • You (or your spouse) are mechanically inclined and you can save money by doing the labor yourself. However, you avoid doing the simple stuff becasuse it's such a pain to figure out the sizes and part numbers for things like wiper blades, light bulbs, fluids, filters, etc.

  • It's time to edit your monthly Amazon Subscribe & Save order. You know you'll need to replace the the engine air filter this month, but you can't remember which filter is for the engine, and which is for the cabin air.

  • Your tires are looking mighty bald and you're almost certain they should still be under warranty. Knowing details including the date of installation, rotation records, and mileage will help you cash in on that warranty.

I have to admit,..I have experienced more than one of the scenarios above. I bet most of us have.

One of the coolest things about the Information Hub is that I have it backed up on my Google Drive, so I can access it from my phone.  So even if I find myself at
a different mechanic than I’m used to dealing with, and they have no records of my car’s maintenance history, I can still access all of this information on the go. 


Keep reading to see all of the things that are included in the Vehicles Section!

What's included in the Vehicles pdf

1 – Insurance


This section includes details such as:


  • Insurance Company Name
  • Agent Name and Contact Info
  • Insured Names
  • Type of Coverage
  • Payment Details

2 – Mechanic

  • Company and Name of Specific Technician
  • Services Performed
  • Part Numbers

3 – Loans

  • Original Principle Balance
  • Interest Rate
  • How Soon Before Paid Off
  • Ensure Monthly Payments Happen

4 – Maintenance


There is room to keep all of these details for every one of your vehicles:


  • Basic Info
  • Oil Changes
  • Maintenance Details

5 – Notes


You could use this flexible section for whatever you want.  Possible ideas might include: a copy of your driving records, accident photos, a copy of your owner’s manuals, a copy of roadside assistance contracts, etc.

multiple device devices showing vehicle section of info hub

Vehicle Maintenance is so much more likely to happen when you organize your Vehicle Records

Our vehicles are SO IMPORTANT!


We depend on our vehicles to get us to our jobs so that we can earn money to support our families.  We want them to be safe and reliable, whether we’re going to the doctor’s office 10 minutes from home or making memories on a road trip to grandma’s house in another state.  They might tow a boat to the lake every weekend, or facilitate toddler potty training stops every 2 miles.


Regardless of what we are using our vehicles for, we need to be sure they are receiving the maintenance they need in order to remain reliable.


Our time and energy should be spent on our loved ones; not on inefficiency and stress. Every time we go hunting for information that we have already looked up in the past, we are just wasting time. Maintaining vehicle records streamlines the necessary process of vehicle care. 

Get started with this essential checklist for car owners

If you have a pile of papers and receipts in your glove compartment (or maybe sliding around on your dashboard), it’s time to get organized!

Even if you have a file with all of your receipts in it, I highly recommend transferring the information to the Info Hub so you have a snapshot of the exact services that have been performed on your vehicles. 


I love that not only are all of our car maintenance records in one spot, but so is our auto loan information, our license plate numbers, VINs, auto insurance information, etc.  Whether I’m calling the e DMV or our mechanic, I know exactly where to go to get the information I need.


If you want some assistance organizing your vehicle information, click here to get the Vehicle Information fillable pdf.

There is no timeline for completing every section of the Information Hub, but you will feel so prepared and organized once you’re done. Just remember, one section at a time. Maybe even one page at a time. It’s well worth the effort!

all pages included in the vehicle section of info hub.
  • Insurance

  • Mechanic

  • Loans

  • Maintenance

  • Notes

  • All in a fillable, pdf file

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