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Awesome 90-Day Note-Reading Workbook for Piano StudentsThe BEST Way to Help Piano Students Remember How to Read Music Notes over the Summer - my kids' piano teacher recommended this to us and it has been AWESOME to do every day this summer! PlanforAwesome.com






One page per day.  No parent needed.  Make those piano lessons ACTUALLY worth something at the end of the day, by ensuring your kids are actually remembering their notes!

Police Officer Thank You Tags


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Here is a link to the sunglasses clip I mentioned in my story (currently doubling as my mask holder).

Here is a money-saving 4-pack.

Covid-19 Family Emergency Preparedness Challenge Items Mentioned in Instagram Stories


I like this variety pack of flashlights (affiliate link) because you get 6 flashlights for $14.99. Each flashlight is a different color, making it fun for kids to pick their color and keep track of their very own flashlight. I also like their small size, making it convenient to keep them in a drawer, next to a bed, etc. We bought two of these 6-packs, and took care of each kid having their own flashlight in their rooms (under/next to their beds), as well as one for each family member in our kitchen/living room area.

This is my favorite pick for headlamps (affiliate link). It’s comfy, waterproof, and as stylish as possible, given what it is.

We have these lanterns and love them (affiliate link). They are small, inexpensive, only take a few AA batteries, and they even have convenient handles on the top that can also be used as hooks to hang them up. They’re also magnetized on the bottom (we store ours on the side of our fridge).

There are multipurpose fire extinguishers (affiliate link) that are labeled “B-C” or “A-B-C.” This is the type I would recommend to get for your home. At the very least, you should have one on each level of your home. DEFINITELY IN THE KITCHEN!

This is the shutoff tool we have (affiliate link). It is $13.09 today on Amazon. It’s a fairly universal tool, designed to work for standard gas and water meters.  Having said that, it does not work for every single gas and water meter.

The exact FIRE LADDER that we have can be found HERE on Amazon (affiliate link), and is only $33.78 today (that’s 50% off)!!!!  Be sure to get the correct length…this link is for a ladder for a 2 story home.  There is an option for a 3 story ladder on this link as well.



The Glorified Brilliant Best-Ever Sheet Protectors


I love THESE Write and Wipe Pockets, found on Amazon for so many reasons!

  • They erase well
  • They are over-sized, so a normal-sized paper fits easily inside
  • They are sturdy
  • They have a loop at the top for a dry erase marker
  • They come in a 5-pack with 5 different colors
  • If you are doing a tracing activity, you can stick another sheet of paper in there and use it for that 

Cow Bell 

School Bell



Our 6 Favorite Ways to Learn States & Capitals



Free Printable – A Fun Service Idea During COVID-19

Come to the SEEK RETREAT with me on Saturday, March 28th in Farmington, UT, where I will be teaching a mini class on involving your kids in your service efforts!  It’s going to be an amazing day!

2 Things to Consider When Signing Your Kid(s) Up For Little League Baseball 

2020 Child & Youth Program Free Printable – Strive to Be

Printable Come Follow Me 2020 Reading Schedule


The Coolest Invention Ever: Nail Polish that Goes on Dry!

The BEST GIFT EVER for Baseball Lovers (plus a $20 off coupon)

Remote Control Wall Climbing Car

We got this for Briggs for his birthday and it’s a total hit! It works AWESOME on the wall. It’s just a super fun, unique gift idea – a remote control car that goes on the WALL!!!! 


Shine Makeup – LOVE THIS STUFF!

I talked about this in my stories…
My favorite products from them are:
  • Bronzer (I wear BRAVE)
  • Eyeliner (I wear FOCUS most of the time, but sometimes I wear WORTH for a softer look and it’s super pretty!)
  • Brow Kit – (I wear REFINE)
  • Lipgloss – I love their lip gloss because it’s not sticky!  (I have GOALS and STRIVE)
  • Lipliner – I have DARING and wear it with their lip gloss and rub it in so there isn’t a harsh line, but it just darkens the lip gloss a little


The Best Place to Get Glasses for Kids: SUPER Inexpensive!

These glasses are SO affordable, but still great quality! I love that they are so inexpensive that I can get several pairs for my daughter and not even feel guilty about it! #kidsglasses #kidglasses

DIY First Aid Kit for Families with a Free Printable List

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