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Freaking Bomb Cranberry Salad

The One Salad That Should Be on Every Table This Thanksgiving - Freaking Bomb Cranberry Salad from PlanForAwesome.com! This salad is seriously amazing and is different from any other recipe I've seen out there! 

Shine Makeup – LOVE THIS STUFF!

I talked about this in my stories…
THEIR MAKEUP REMOVER IS $5 a bottle til 10/31!!!!  WHAT?!  I just stocked up!!!!
My favorite products from them are:
  • BB CREAM!¬† It’s THE BEST!¬† (I wear EMPOWERED)
  • Bronzer (I wear BRAVE)
  • Eyeliner (I wear FOCUS most of the time, but sometimes I wear WORTH for a softer look and it’s super pretty!)
  • Brow Kit – (I wear REFINE)
  • Lipgloss – I love their lip gloss because it’s not sticky!¬† (I have GOALS and STRIVE)
  • Lipliner – I have DARING and wear it with their lip gloss and rub it in so there isn’t a harsh line, but it just darkens the lip gloss a little
I have been wanting to try their makeup removing cloths because I’ve heard they’re amazing so I just added those to my last order.¬† I’ll let you know how I like them!!!
Emergency Preparedness Step 3 - House Fires - 5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe - planforawesome

Tickled Pink Theme Gift Basket with Free Printable Gift Tags


My latest post for Fox 40 News – Items for Power Outages by Price

How CA Can Prepare for PG&E Power Outages in 2019 – Part 4

Baseball Mom Wagon: The Ultimate List of Things to Bring on Game Day

Baseball Wagon: The Ultimate List of Things to Bring to Little League Baseball Games- This is the BEST, most comprehensive list I have seen for what to bring to be prepared for baseball game days. This girl covers EVERYTHING. She even has a cute, organized, and free printable checklist!

Preparing for Extended Power Outages: Part 3

GREAT resource for preparing your home and family for power outages…especially for California residents to prepare for planned power outages this 2019 fire season! #poweroutage #beprepared

Back-To-School 5-Day Kindness Challenge & Free Printables

Back-to-School Free Printable Kindness Challenge! This is SO COOL and SO EASY to do the first week of school. The free printables include lunchbox reminders and textable images to remind your kids of that day's kindness task. LOVE THIS! #kindness #backtoschool

The Best Place to Get Glasses for Kids: SUPER Inexpensive!

These glasses are SO affordable, but still great quality! I love that they are so inexpensive that I can get several pairs for my daughter and not even feel guilty about it! #kidsglasses #kidglasses

DIY First Aid Kit for Families with a Free Printable List