Simplify Your Family's Emergency Preparedness

Quick & Easy Preparedness Video Challenge: Twenty 15-minute high-impact activities for families

(Previously named One Month of Emergency Preparedness for Families)
See how quick and easy getting prepared can be by following this simple outline to get your home and family more prepared.

One Month, 5 Days a Week, 15 Minutes a Day

That’s all you need!
Daily videos, bonus videos, digital curriculum, printable curriculum, and all supporting printables included!


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The perfect starting point for families!

  • 20+ videos (one for each day, plus a couple bonus videos)
  • Place to take notes that will be saved in the course for you
  • Question box for you to ask me any questions you might have about anything in the course
  • Updated information and examples from over 150 previous course members’ questions / feedback
  • Detailed printables/checklists to help adults learn and then teach kids what they need to know.
  • Full color, 97-page ebook, perfect for use on computer, iPad, tablet, or phone
  • 30-page printer-friendly version with minimal color, perfect for printing out and carrying around your house with you (See sample page in photos to see the difference)
  • 13 additional supporting printables included
  • Bonus videos: Exclusive interview with a firefighter, broken down into 24 different videos by topic/question, making it super easy to listen on the go and get unique insight into the topic of house fires
  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates

Week 1: Just for the Parent(s)

This week is essential for the success of the rest of the month.  These are the days where you set things up, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge you’ll need to have things go smoothly the rest of the month.

You will be

  • Familiarizing yourself with the location of your utility shut offs
  • Purchasing a few low-cost essential items (if you don’t have them already)
  • Printing a few documents you’ll need in the following weeks.

Weeks 2 & 3: For Parent(s) and Tweens/Teens

This week you will start putting what you learned/acquired last week into action.  You will be learning (and teaching your teens)

  • How to operate your garage door manually
  • How to shut off your electricity
  • How to shut off your gas
  • How to shut off your water
  • How to make a Family Emergency Plan
  • How to perform CPR

You will also

  • Find a place for fire escape ladders (if you have them)
  • Mount and/or perform maintenance on fire extinguisher(s)
  • Test smoke alarms
  • Discuss consumables you may want to start keeping a bit extra of in your home
  • Prepare a grab list for possible evacuation

Week 4: This week is the culminating event of the entire month.  It’s for the whole family.

By now you will have the tools and knowledge to teach your children of all ages about the following topics:

  • Power outages
  • Fire safety
  • YOUR specific Family Emergency Plan
  • Earthquakes
  • Evacuation Grab List

Once you complete Week 4, your ENTIRE FAMILY will have a better understanding of multiple emergencies and what they can do to stay safe.
You will have real tools, printed instructions, and a firm plan going forward as a family!


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1 review for Quick & Easy Preparedness Video Challenge: Twenty 15-minute high-impact activities for families

  1. Karen Eisenbart

    I liked to think I was prepared.
    There were some random “preparedness” things tucked into corners… somewhere. Maybe?
    Sheesh! This was like most things in my life. I needed an intervention. One that came with specific goals, a plan and a timeline to get it together.
    The Quick and Easy Preparedness Video Course did all that and more!
    Daily, attainable goals, personalized input whenever I needed it – I still have that – plus, links to help eliminate the need to search for the best products (and get sucked into surfing the internet for random things…. 🐿).
    Now I have everything in place. One place! I know what to do when there is an emergency or need to bug out. I’m covered with the proper tools to shut utilities down and have a plan for getting out of our home safely and where to go.
    Heck, I even know where the batteries are! 😘
    I’ve already used my 72 Hour bag. It doubles well as an emergency – someone’s heading to the hospital – bag. I had food, snacks, water, and power to charge my phone, plus a book.
    I highly recommend this course! It’s worth every penny for your peace of mind.

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