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Why you need this ultimate estate planning guide checklist

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We all need a way to reserve our last wishes to be carried out as we desire.  This estate planning guide checklist will give you peace of mind that all of your affairs are in order, no matter what.  


Keep reading and I’ll tell you why keeping all of your Estate Planning information in one place is an incredible gift to your family.

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Some of the many reasons this estate planning guide checklist will make your life (& your loved ones') easier

Maybe you haven’t experienced these exact scenarios, but I’m sure you know someone who has:

  • Although you may have discussed these details with your spouse at one time, it is not something we like to dwell on. Don't put yourselves through the agony of having to do it more than once.

  • You and your spouse are going on a vacation, and you want the person who is going to take care of your children to know what to do in the tragic case that you do not return.

  • Your Grandpa has Parkinson's Disease and has been cared for by your Grandma. Unexpectedly, it's your Grandma that passes away... and your Grandpa has no ability to assist in locating important information or to make decisions.

  • Even if you know what you and your spouse have previously planned, being able to easily locate it and provide it to necessary authorities will free you up to give your attention and energy to your family.

  • You are totally organized and have already filed your will with your family attorney. However, do your relatives even know who they need to call to begin making final arrangements?

What if your Estate Planning information is unexpectedly destroyed by a natural disaster or fire… that also renders you unable to recreate it?


That’s what makes the Estate Planning section of the Information Hub so vital.  All the important details in a convenient digital format, stored where you want it and accessible by whomever might ultimately need it.

What's included in these Estate Planning guide checklists?

1 – Legal Documents

  • Legal Services
  • Trust – A trust allows you to distribute assets through an executor. It is similar to a will, but a trust is not required to be filed with the probate court, thus allowing things to move a lot quicker than with a will. There are also potential tax benefits to a trust that aren’t present in a will. 
  • Will – A will specifies who should possess your assets upon passing, and may include individuals as well as charities. This document can also address financial matters as well as different accounts. 
  • Power of Attorney – This document authorizes a trusted person to make decisions if you cannot.
  • Medical Directives – Help your loved ones avoid an uncomfortable situation where they would need to make healthcare decisions based on their best guess instead of being able to make a decision you may have wanted. (there is also a place for medical directives in the Medical Section of the Information Hub)

2 – Life Insurance

  • Location of Original Document
  • Policy Holder
  • Insured 
  • Beneficiary

For a life insurance Q&A with a licensed professional, see this post.

3 – Celebration of Life

  • Arrangements
  • Funeral 
  • Obituary
  • Life Sketch
  • Photos
  • Contacts

4 – Contacts


  • Who to contact
  • Relationship
  • Contact Info

5 – Notes


You might have a personal poem or song that you would like included.  It is not something that can just be “googled” in the future, so this is where you could ensure it will be found.  Maybe you want to write a letter to a family member to read in the event of your passing.


Use this section however you want.  This part is whatever you need it to be and it won’t be lost.


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What happens when you think ahead and take care of your end of life planning?

I know estate planning can kind of sound gloom and doom to talk about, but I want to share two experiences with you. The first is from my friend, Debra. She told me this story about when her family experienced a loss. Here’s what Debra had to say:

In 2018, my Dad passed away. It wasn’t something we were expected, it happened pretty suddenly. One day we were one big happy family and the next, he was just gone.


Thankfully, my mom was well prepared and already had all of their estate planning information filled out and compiled in one file. She was able to just print off the estate planning worksheets and take them down to the funeral home with her. My Dad had already helped her figure out what the funeral should look like and they had his military papers included so she was able to receive an American flag as part of his end of life celebration.

Now let’s contrast that with the experience of Krista when her brother suddenly passed away:

It was so devastating when my brother unexpectedly passed away in a car accident in 2009. He left behind a 2-year-old daughter and our family was overcome with grief.


Not only did we need to pay for the funeral expenses, but finding insurance policies, passwords and other legal documents was so exhausting. We spent too many hours trying to track down this information while trying to process the grief we were experiencing. 


Tyler’s death would have been heartbreaking no matter what, but not having to spend time searching for all the legal documents would have allowed us to focus on helping his daughter and just grieve. I wish we would’ve had the Info Hub.

Two sudden deaths, but two very different experiences. Taking time to work through this estate planning guide checklist allows loved ones to focus on taking care of emotional needs during this stressful situation.

Collecting your Estate Planning Information is a great place to start

End of life planning might not be the most exciting thing and hopefully it’s not constantly on your mind. But, it is something that will truly help your loved ones during a time of deep grief.


It doesn’t have to be perfect and maybe you need some time to think about what you want it to look like. For most people, estate planning is not something you have experience with and you’d prefer to check it off the list as painlessly as possible. If that’s where you’re at, click here to get the Estate Planning fillable pdf.


If the idea of planning for and protecting your family is empowering, then I would suggest the entire Information Hub. There is no timeline for completing every section, but you will feel so prepared and organized once you’re done.

  • Legal Documents

  • Life Insurance

  • Celebration of Life

  • Contacts

  • Notes

  • All in a fillable, pdf file

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