Monthly Archives: September 2018

Give the Gift of Classroom Safety for Christmas This Year

I couldn’t let National Emergency Preparedness Month end without addressing a very real (and sickening) possible situation that schools need to be prepared for these days.  While I grew up... Read More

Convert and Digitize Memories – Movies, Pictures…All of It!

Emergency Preparedness Step 8 – how to back up your photos, videos, and precious memories.  Don’t lose your past to a fire, flood, or other disaster! While not as necessary... Read More

DIY Period Kit for Tweens – FREE PRINTABLE

This may not be the first thing you think about when you hear the words, “EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS,” but that’s why I’m here; to make sure you don’t look past the... Read More

Have You Taken the Emergency Preparedness Date Night Challenge?

Just popping in to say HELLO and make sure everyone is making the most of National Emergency Preparedness Month!  We are one week down in our Emergency Preparedness Date Night... Read More