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Baseball Flip Flops – These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I’m a baseball mom.  My oldest son, Cody, was born with a ball in one hand and a bat in the other.  I lucked out; if I had to choose... Read More

72-Hour Emergency Kits for Beginners: GRAB LIST (Part 5)

A GRAB LIST is an ESSENTIAL part of a 72-hour emergency kit. It is a list of things to grab before evacuating (if circumstances allow, of course). While your pre-packed... Read More

Free Printable YAHTZEE Scorecards – Bright & Colorful for Kids & Adults

One of the best things about having kids is being able to teach them the same things that I learned and loved when I was a kid. I’m a gamer.... Read More

72-Hour Emergency Kits for Pets – Free Printable Checklist (Part 4)

While we don’t have any pets, I know most people do and they are part of the family! I definitely wanted to hit this topic, even though I am less... Read More

The BEST Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant (coupon code included!)

The ONLY deodorant my tweens can wear without getting a rash. The ONLY natural deodorant I have found that has an online coupon code and is actually cheaper to purchase... Read More

72-Hour Emergency Kits For Beginners – KIDS AND BABIES (Part 3)

This is PART 3 of 72-hour kits (AKA bug out bags). If you haven’t yet, go read Part 1 and Part 2: Part 1 – 72-Hour Kits for Beginners –... Read More

Free Valentines Printable Acts of Service for Mom

My sister is my best friend. And she lives 716 miles away. That’s a 9-hour-55-minute drive. But who’s counting? I had a very strong urge to do something for her... Read More