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72-Hour Kits Part 4

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While we don’t have any pets, I know most people do and they are part of the family! I definitely wanted to hit this topic, even though I am less experienced in this area.


So I did my research, talked to some pet owners, and here is what I found for you to consider as you create emergency kits for pets.

If you want the most comprehensive guide to 72-hour kits, all in one place, then you might want to consider my 72-hour kit course!

Other emergency things to consider for pet preparedness

Before we tackle emergency kits for pets, let’s get a few other things out of the way. These are a few things you can do other than packing emergency supplies.


  • Have your pets microchipped or have an up-to-date ID tag
  • Have a pet-friendly place to go, should you need to evacuate
  • Have pet rescue decals on the windows/doors of your home
  • Know your pets’ hiding places (and include them on the decals)

Here are a couple of options for decals for your windows to let emergency responders know that you have pets inside.

Pet Carrier or Crate

This is something (I think) a lot of pet owners already have. And if it has a permanent place in your home, then you will want to put this on your grab list (which we will get to next week).


If you don’t have one, or if you want one that is able to be packed all the time and ready to go, I have found a solution for you (if your pet is small)! I don’t even have pets, but I had to check out some crates/carriers, and now I kind of wish I had a little dog just so I had a reason to buy this!


It is a collapsible AND expandable pet carrier. This carrier folds and takes up hardly any space at all for storage. It opens into a normal-sized carrier to transport your pet. And then it expands to give your pet a little more room to move around once you aren’t on the move. BRILLIANT! If I had a little dog or cat, this is the one I would get. I’m in love.

Emergency Pet Items to Have Packed at All Times

Of course each person’s list will look a little different, depending on what type/size of pet(s) you have. This list is just to get you thinking…

Pre-done 72-hour kits for pets

There are also pre-done entire kits ready to go if you don’t want to have to piece your kit together.

This is THE CUTEST STINKIN’ 72-Hour Kit for DOGS.  I am in love with the looks, durability, and functionality. (affiliate link)
Use code PLANFORAWESOME10 for $10 off!   You’ll need to add a few essentials like food, and water, but this gets you started with some basics:

For pups up to 180 pounds

Check out the entire 72-hour kits for families resource guide

If you are just now finding this 72-Hour Emergency Kit Series, you’re just getting started!


If you want a step-by-step guide that walks you through every single step of building your 72-hour kits, from preparing a functional space to store your 72-hour kits, all the way through to a rotation guide for when they’re done, click hereThis is a COMPLETE GUIDE to 72-Hour Kits for families. And when I say complete, I mean COM-PLETE! It is kind of insane how much I put into this thing. No more having to come back to the website and clicking around to find what you need.


This is ALL in one spot. One PDF with all the kid tips, budget tips, pretty much every tip/hack imaginable with 72-hour kits. It comes with 25 supporting printables that are updated and amazing. This guide takes you through all of the steps in the schedule I outlined above, and more. Much more. Click on the picture to learn more and even see sample pages 

72-hour kits for families

If you’d rather check things out post by post, here are links to get you going!

Part 1 – 72-Hour Kits for Beginners – this has all the general tips, tricks, and things to think about before beginning to put your kits together.

Part 2 – 72-Hour Kits for ADULTS – this has a printable list of things to include in your 72-hour emergency kit (bug out bag).

Part 3 – 72-hour kits for KIDS / BABIES

Part 4 – 72-Hour Kits for Pets – this is the page you are on right now.

Part 5 – 72-Hour Emergency Kit GRAB LIST – a grab list items are the items that wouldn’t be pre-packed, but you would really regret not grabbing if given the chance.

Part 6 – A 16-Week Schedule to Actually Finish Your Family’s 72-Hour Kits

Part 7 – DIY First Aid Kit for Families

mockup of 72-hour kit guidebook.

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