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Your Important Information in the Ultimate Babysitter Checklist

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Stop re-writing the same instructions for your babysitters week after week; use this editable babysitter checklist instead! It’s easy to make changes when you need to and you won’t be searching for a phone number as you’re trying to get out the door for date night or a doctor appointment.

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Why you need a Regular Babysitter Checklist

If you have kids (or if you’ve babysat kids), I bet you’ve encountered at least one of the following situations:

Let’s be honest- just getting a babysitter scheduled in advance is a big deal in and of itself.  No one has extra time to waste re-writing the same information every Friday night before you leave on a date.


Now imagine if your babysitter showed up with a checklist already containing most of your family’s important information, and space to record the details specific to tonight’s outing.  You would feel so much relief and confidence in this person you were entrusting to care for your kids.


Give your teenage daughter the Babysitter section of the Information Hub and she will definitely be the first person a tired mom calls when she needs a babysitting hero! 

  • The babysitter has already arrived, and the payment clock is ticking. You're standing at the kitchen counter frantically scribbling down everything they might need to know.

  • You're in the middle of a movie at the theater and you see your phone screen light up. It's the babysitter calling for the third time of the night, asking about the baby's schedule.

  • You get home at 11pm only to find that your kids are still awake. You ask the babysitter what happened and she tells you that the kids told her that they always stay up until their parents get home when they have a babysitter. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • You're scribbling out instructions for the babysitter last-minute and you know that the last time you went out, your list was a whole lot longer. What are you forgetting this time?

  • Your daughter loves kids, is responsible, and is ready to start earning money. Her first babysitting job is with a close friend, and she knows the kids well. Or does she? Sure, she knows them...but it turns out she doesn't have a clue about their food allergies, bedtime routines, or how the baby falls asleep. She is totally embarrassed and ashamed at what a disaster her first job ended up being. Sadly, she has the skills - she just didn't have the information she needed to do a good job.

What's included in the Babysitter Checklist pdf

1 – Where We Will Be

  • Location
  • Expected Return Time
  • Mom’s Contact Info (totally editable – if there isn’t a mom or a dad or if there are 2 dads or 1 grandma – you can label this field whatever you’d like)
  • Dad’s Contact Info (same note as Mom’s Contact Info)

2 – House

  • Home Address
  • CPR Info
  • Location of Fire Extinguishers
  • Location of First Aid Kit

3 – Emergency Numbers

  • Poison Control
  • Other Important Local Numbers (neighbors, close friends/family)

4 – Allergies


  • Sources of Allergies
  • How to Respond (ie location of Epipen)

5 – Schedule/Notes

This could be where you list the typical information to give your babysitter – like evening/bedtime routines.  


The second page is broken into several sections with columns.  These can be used in a variety of ways:

  • List each separate child by name and include any details specific to them.  This could include unchanging things like their date of birth, and also temporary details that may have changed since the last time a babysitter has come.  For example, the four year old has a newfound fear of the dark and does best with the nightlight on.
  •  Use this as a place to write up an hour-by-hour schedule
  • List different topics with instructions. For example: in the left column, put “Remote Controls,” and then in the right column, include instructions on how to work the remote controls to the television. The next line might read, “Alarm System,” with instructions in the right hand column.

Why this babysitter checklist can be so important

When my girls started babysitting, I wanted them to be prepared for more than just playing with kids. I wanted them to be able to approach the job with confidence and have the tools they would need to be successful. So many budding babysitters take the time to create a babysitting bag filled with fun games and treats for the kids, but these babysitting kits are missing the most crucial piece of the whole job: information! 



I wanted my girls to take the initiative and ensure they had the critical information they might need in the event of an emergency:

  • The parent(s)’ phone number
  • Where the parent(s) would be and the phone number to that place
  • A trusted neighbor’s phone number/address
  • Allergies of the kids (both food and non-food)
  • Where did they keep their band-aids?
  • Did they have a fire extinguisher, and if so, where was it?

You better believe my girls rolled their eyes when I brought out the dreaded checklist and had them fill out what they already knew about the family they’d be babysitting for that day. But I don’t regret it at all.  I felt better knowing they had what they needed, and the people they were babysitting for were incredibly grateful that their babysitter took the time to ask these important questions, and keep the answers readily available on the kitchen counter the whole time the parents were gone.


This, coupled with a CPR certification, is the best way you can prepare your upcoming babysitters for the responsibility of caring for other little humans!

Invest a Little Time for A Lot OF Peace of Mind

The morning after a date night, we sometimes wondered if it was actually worth the planning and recovery from a babysitter. The Babysitter Section of the Information Hub is a great way to streamline the preparation that goes into time away from the kids.  At the very least, give yourself the gift of time by snagging this part of the Information Hub!  Along with saving you time, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you didn’t forget anything on your haphazardly scribbled on napkin. Think of how nice it will be to have a freshly printed out piece of paper with all the instructions your sitter will need to take care of your home and children!


A well thought out list communicates a high level of expectation; the babysitters you hire are more likely to meet that expectation and provide exceptional care of your children and home, if they are provided with the details to do so.


My guess is that you’re already thinking about how many other systems in your life could benefit from this level of organization.  If you’re ready for the whole package, then I suggest the entire Information Hub. There is no timeline for completing every section, but you will feel SO prepared and organized once you’re done.  Your future self will thank you!

  • Where We'll Be

  • House

  • Emergency Numbers

  • Allergies

  • Schedule/Notes

  • All in a fillable, pdf file

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