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FREE PRINTABLE Date Nights for Christmas – The Perfect Gift!

FREE PRINTABLE Date Nights for Christmas - The Perfect Gift!  What an awesome idea for a Christmas gift for your spouse.  PlanForAwesome

Remember the Emergency Preparedness Date Nights?

Well…for those who haven’t gotten around to doing them yet, I have a treat for you!  You not only have this friendly little reminder that those date nights could SAVE YOUR LIFE ONE DAY, but I’m also giving you ANOTHER reason to do them; use them as a gift!

Yep!  I have seen a lot of ideas going around on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook about gifting date nights to your spouse for Christmas.  Well…how perfect is this?!?  Not only are you giving your spouse a promise of specific date nights, but you will both be accomplishing some of the most important things you could ever spend your time doing!

And I’ve got a free printable note to go with the date nights!

Download the note below.

If you don’t have the Date Nights yet, go check them out HERE!

I am also offering this Christmas note and the first Date Night as downloads over on Home Maid Simple’s website in a guest post, so go check it out!

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