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Come, Follow Me Daily Reading Schedule

Finish the entire Book of Mormon in 2024

12 month printable come, follow me schedule.

This printable daily reading schedule for the entire 2024 year of Come, Follow Me is perfect for your family or personal scripture study. With 2 months per page, you can cut them down the middle and slip the whole set in your scriptures!


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Come, Follow Me is changing in 2024

Have you heard about the changes to the Come, Follow Me curriculum? 


To sum it up, every class, every family and every individual – across the entire Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – will be studying the same chapters in the Book of Mormon. How cool is that?


No more surface level conversations. This will really allow everyone to dig a little deeper, learn more about becoming like Jesus Christ, and hopefully have more meaningful discussions at home and at church. 


President Russell M Nelson promised:


“…as you prayerfully study, I promise that the heavens will open for you. The Lord will bless you with increased inspiration and revelation.”


This concise curriculum, with everyone studying the same chapters each week, will surely open the windows of heaven and better help us teach about Jesus Christ. It’s going to be good!

The Importance of being in the Book of Mormon daily

While I have loved reading from the Old and New Testaments the past two years, I am SO thrilled to be able to give all my attention to the Book of Mormon for Come, Follow Me this year. I have a firm testimony of this book and I have experienced the power that comes into my life from reading it daily.


President Russell M Nelson has said:


“The truths of the Book of Mormon have the power to heal, comfort, restore, succor, strengthen, console, and cheer our souls.” [The Book of Mormon: What Would Your Life Be Like Without It?, Ensign, Nov. 2017]


One of my favorite talks ever was given by Elder Peter M Johnson of the quorum of the Seventy. He said:


“Read and study the Book of Mormon every day, every day, every day…The Book of Mormon contains the words of Christ and helps us remember who we are.” [Power to Overcome the Adversary, Liahona, Nov. 2019]


I see a beautiful symmetry here. The Book of Mormon is all about Jesus Christ and it was Jesus Christ who said ‘Come, follow me.’ I think special things will happen this year as you read the Book of Mormon and I want to help make it even more fun and easy.

Read right along with the come, follow me manual

Why I love this reading schedule

Ideas for how to use the Notes section

Since previous years have had a column for a daily Book of Mormon reading assignment, plus a column for one of the other books of scripture, this year’s schedule has some extra space on the right, where the last column would be.
I decided to leave it blank and NOT re-center the other columns, because I thought it would be nice to have some space to take some notes or write something else in that space.  
Here are some ideas for how to use this extra space on the right side of each month’s schedule:
  • A verse you want to memorize
  • General Conference talk you’re studying for Relief Society/Elder’s Quorum
  • Topics you want to highlight as you study each day
  • What you plan to fast for on the first Sunday
  • Spiritual gifts you want to grow
  • What you’re learning about the Savior
  • Takeaways from your studies
  • A favorite quote from Sunday School or Sacrament meeting

Other Favorite Resources for the Book of Mormon

1 - My Favorite Way to read the Book of Mormon

If you are looking for a new way to study the Book of Mormon this time around, I would highly recommend the set by David J Ridges called, “The Book of Mormon: Made Easier.” It is broken up into 3 books, so it isn’t one gigantic book so thick it makes your wrist cramp when holding it;)


Volume 1 (1 Nephi – Words of Mormon) (affiliate link)

Volume 2 (Mosiah – Alma) (affiliate link)

Volume 3 (Helaman – Moroni) (affiliate link)


This set is Ah-mazing. For so many reasons.

  1. The ENTIRE text is included IN this book.  You don’t have to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon and then read the coinciding chapter in your study book.  It is ALL WRITTEN TOGETHER, in one fluid book.  So it’s basically the entire Book of Mormon, with this guy’s sidenotes and explanations written RIGHT where it should be.  So if he has something to say about verse 7, he interjects his thought or note in between verse 6 and 7.  It is SO AWESOME.
  2. I have read 1 Nephi about a million times.  I feel like I learned more, had more insights, and was more excited about the content that was so incredibly familiar, after reading it in this reading guide ONE time, than I have in all 35 years of previous study combined.
  3. It is EASY to read.  Like, for dumb people.  Like me.  I am not a gospel scholar.  So I love that I don’t FEEL like this is written by a gospel scholar.  He doesn’t write as if you already know all the normal stuff, and he is here to educate you on the obscure.  He is here to help you understand the normal.  I love that.
  4. Did I mention you don’t have to switch between the Book of Mormon and this book? It’s ALL IN ONE.  That’s my favorite.
hands folded on top of open book of mormon.

2 - My Favorite Printables for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

I love Chrissy at so dang much.  She puts out tons of resources for members of the church, one of which is a printable pack for your Come, Follow Me study each year. She does a beautiful job – go check out her 2024 Come, Follow Me printable pack!

*Bonus: you get to support one of the kindness and most generous people I’ve ever met.

3 - My Favorite Resource for Primary Music Leaders

I have had the calling of primary chorister in 3 different wards, for a total of 8 years. As you can imagine, I spent countless hours scouring Pinterest for games and printables to help me with that calling. One of the resources that I used a TON was

Imagine my delight when after starting this website, I ended up meeting Camille at a workshop, and since then have become good friends with her! I am happy to report that she is just as fun in real life as all of her ideas that I used for years and years. She has lots of free resources, as well as a super affordable subscription that makes your calling a breeze!

Camille holding a Primary Children's Songbook from Camille's Primary Ideas

4 - My Favorite Resource for Come, Follow Me with Young Kids

Young kids + Come, Follow Me = HARD.

That’s why I love


Angie, the founder, is an early childhood educator and mother of four, who GETS IT.


I cannot begin to explain to you how refreshing it is to hear her thoughts and ideas about teaching kids the gospel. Rather than fighting against a child’s short attention span, she teaches you how to embrace it and provides so many activities, printables, and resources for you to make Come, Follow Me a delight in your home (for both you and your kids), rather than a chore.


You can try your first month of their digital subscription for half off with the code WELCOME.


Come Follow Me FHE Lesson Contents - lots of printables to make teaching littles the gospel a delight.

5 - Daily Reading Schedule

And of course, the daily reading schedule that started this whole blog post.


I do better with smaller chunks of reading, so reading a little bit each day is much more feasible than sitting down and doing all of the reading for the week in one sitting. I also love bright colors.


So if you’re like me, be sure to snag your daily reading schedule!

Share this post with your family, your friends, your ward (Facebook page), and your Ministering sisters! It’s super easy and you’ll be helping them accomplish a goal in the new year. 


Even better, this is a great gift idea! Print out the schedule and maybe wrap it up with a copy of one of the books I just mentioned (or the whole set if you’re able to).


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