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Delicious and easy to store freeze dried apple slices

These Fuji Apple Slices are a great, healthy snack – for food storage and every day.


Let’s rewind to March 2020.  Had that been a little more serious, our grocery stores could have remained empty for a lot longer than a few days.  How amazing is it that you can literally store FRESH FRUIT for 25 years?!


In fact, I love these freeze dried apple slices so much that they made the cut for my top 12 items I keep in my food storage.

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Family (#10) Can

  • Unopened Shelf Life - 25 years

  • Opened Shelf Life - 6 months

  • To Open - can opener

  • # of Cups - 10

  • Cost per Can - $34.39

  • Cost per Serving - $1.72

Pantry Can

  • Unopened Shelf Life - 25 years

  • Opened Shelf Life - 6 months

  • To Open - pop top

  • # of Cups - 3.5

  • Cost per Can - $13.51

  • Cost per Serving - $1.93

Best Ways to Use Fuji Apple Slices:

  • Crunch and munch straight out of the can
  • On top of a salad
  • Dip in ooey, gooey caramel

Melanie's Notes on Fuji Apple Slices:

There really isn’t an easier way to eat an apple a day. And bonus: these are already washed and sliced for you. 

AND they won’t go brown when you pack them in school lunches.

However, they will get soft and chewy if they’re left out, so make sure the plastic lid is secure all the way around the top of the can, to maintain freshness!

To Order:

If you’re ready to add Fuji Apple Slices to your food storage, click here!  (affiliate link)

Quick Ordering Reminders:

  • Ordering a CASE of something gives you an additional 5% off

    There are 6 family (#10) cans per case OR 10 pantry cans per case

  • If you are a CURRENT customer

    Make sure you are adding items to your DELIVERY ORDER (the little truck in the upper right corner); not the retail shopping cart

  • If you are a NEW customer

    During the checkout process, be sure to check the box when it is offered to you to sign up for the Monthly Delivery Service. That is what gets you these great deals!

  • FREE shipping on orders over $99

  • Have Questions?

    PLEASE email me at:

Thrive Life apple slices nutrition label

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