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Check out the October Thrive Life Specials


foods that are on sale in October from Thrive Life.

The October Thrive Life specials are here and I see some favorites on this list. I won’t even make you wait – PINEAPPLE. 

As per the usual, I’m not listing these in any particular order, and I’m sharing my honest opinion.


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I’m not a huge blackberry fan, but they do taste just like blackberries!
If you like blackberries, then you’ll most likely enjoy these.


You can purchase blackberries to add to your food storage HERE.


Red Bell Peppers

My family doesn’t like cooked bell peppers in meals, so I can’t speak for these.

I have tried them straight from the can and they’re fine for a snack – nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about either.


Click here to add red bell peppers to your delivery.


Tomato Dices

Honestly, I haven’t tried these. My family doesn’t like cooked tomatoes so it didn’t make sense to have these in our food storage.


Click here to add tomato dices to your order.



Please oh please, snag some of this while it’s discounted.

This is such an amazing sweet snack and perfect for your 72-hour kits (in the pantry can size, of course). Seriously, SO good.

I love this pineapple so much that it made the cut for my top 12 items I keep in my food storage.

Check out this post if you’re looking for the breakdown on shelf life, quantity and more.

To add freeze dried pineapple to your food storage, click here.


Diced Beef

This is pretty darn good! I will say, it has a bit of a reheated taste – I can definitely tell it’s not fresh meat, but the rest of my family can’t. It really depends on your sensitivity to meat.


As with all meats, I highly recommend browning this real quick in a pan (after reconstituting it, but before adding it to your recipe).


My favorite way to use this is to reconstitute it and throw it in a pot with some gravy that I make from a seasoning packet, and then I serve the gravy and meat over rice.


You can purchase diced beef to add to your food storage HERE.



I have exactly one recipe that calls for kale, and I’ve never tried this in it, so I can’t speak to this either.


Click here if you would like to add freeze dried kale to your order.


Instant Milk

This used to be the only milk I recommended storing, but now there’s a really closer runner-up. I promise honesty, so here it is: the LDS Home Storage Center has upgraded their milk and it is really good! It’s cheaper than Thrive’s milk, so I’ll link it here for ya.

If you want to stick with Thrive’s, 50% off is a screamin’ deal. My kids can only tell the difference between this and fresh store bought milk if they see me mixing it up. I cannot recommend this milk enough.

Want to learn more about this instant milk powder? You can read more in this post.

If you trust me and just want to add it to your delivery, click here.


Cucumber Dices

These are interesting – in a good way! They’re chopped SUPER teeny tiny.

They have a super fresh flavor – it’s hard to describe but it’s like the freshest cucumber I’ve ever had.

These are actually really good just straight out of the can – but I also love throwing them on a salad!

*Warning: if you eat too many of them, they can chew up your mouth, kind of like Captain Crunch cereal. 😅


Click here if you’re ready to add cucumber dices to your order.


Sweetened Cranberries

Just like I wouldn’t recommend eating cranberries straight out of the bag, I wouldn’t recommend eating this right out of the can.

But they ARE a wonderful option to be able to store for a time when cranberries may not be available. 


Kind of like applesauce – I like knowing that I could make a little something with these to mix up the flavor in a meal.


Add freeze dried cranberries to your cart by clicking this link.

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