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WEek 2 Links

Day 6

This first video is showing you how to disconnect your garage door from the automatic system.  It is 25 seconds long.

This second video is showing you how to reconnect your garage door from the automatic system.  It is 17 seconds long.

Day 9

Week 3 Links

Day 11

For more information about smoke alarms, the different types, and how they work, see this post.

Here is the video showing how to test your smoke alarms and change the batteries.

Day 13

For a convenient CPR course, where you can do 100% of the training online, click here. 

Use coupon code melanie10 to get $10 off!

  • I love that this course is online.

  • I love that all the videos are taught by a certified Red Cross CPR Instructor.

  • I love that this course follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association and ECC/ILCOR.

  • I love that I can download my certification immediately after completing the course.

  • I love that I have access to the videos for 2 years, so I can refresh any time I want.

  • I love that I could actually have my entire family gather around the computer and learn these lifesaving skills together (one certificate per registration, but the information is the important part, and that’s available to anyone in your household!)

Day 17


Video of fire ladder trial run:


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