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March 2023 Thrive Life Food Storage specials

Here Are my thoughts on the specials this month

Short, sweet and to the point. I’m sharing the basics about each of the foods that are on sale in March.


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This is pretty darn good! I will say, it has a bit of a reheated taste – I can definitely tell it’s not fresh meat, but the rest of my family can’t. It really depends on your sensitivity to meat.

My favorite way to use this is to reconstitute it and throw it in a pot with some gravy that I make from a seasoning packet, and then I serve the gravy and meat over rice.

You can purchase diced beef to add to your food storage HERE.


This is such an amazing sweet snack and perfect for your 72-hour kits (in the pantry can size, of course). Seriously, SO good.

I love this pineapple so much that it made the cut for my top 12 items I keep in my food storage.

Check out this post if you’re looking for the breakdown on shelf life, quantity and more.

To add freeze dried pineapple to your food storage, click here.


These are an awesome snack!  They are just how you would imagine them. My only complaint is that they disappear too quickly. They are sliced similarly to the apples, and are just entirely too easy to eat too many of too quickly. 

If you’d like to give the peach slices a try, click here.


Haven’t tried this yet. Does anyone want to send me a recipe to try it in?

Get your butternut squash with a 25-year shelf life for your food storage here.


These are fine.  Nothing to write home about – they’re green beans.  I will say that the stringy little side seam that is on green beans feels a little amplified in these sometimes, but it just depends. Not my absolute favorite, but I definitely have some in our storage!

Click here if you’re ready to purchase green beans with a 25-year shelf life.


Who else reaches for the mushrooms and they’re black and slimy? It feels like every time I buy fresh mushrooms, they go bad before I get the chance to use them. Because of this, I use Thrive Life’s freeze dried mushrooms in my cooking instead of fresh mushrooms. Every single time.


They are so awesome to have on hand to just toss in a sauce. You can rehydrate first or if you’re putting them in a meal with liquid in it (like soup), just toss them right in.


Super convenient for every day and an awesome option to give you some variety in your food storage meals.


If you’d like to give these mushroom pieces a try, click here.

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