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Check Out the Monthly Food Storage Specials from Thrive Life

What's on sale in May 2023

If you are serious about building your long-term food storage, I honestly think you need to take advantage of the monthly food storage specials from Thrive Life.


Every month I share what I love, what I don’t, and which foods I have yet to try (or if I plan on trying them). These freeze-dried foods are listed in no particular order.


Ready? Let’s go!


**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.



I’m not a huge blackberry fan, but they do taste just like blackberries!
If you like blackberries, then you’ll most likely enjoy these.


You can purchase blackberries to add to your food storage HERE.


Chopped Spinach

I wish I had some words for you here, but this just isn’t something that’s in my regular rotation so I haven’t tried it.


Click here if you want to order chopped spinach (and if you try it, message me with your thoughts)!


Potato Dices

I’ve tried these once and they were great!  I threw them in a soup.  I just don’t use diced potatoes very often in my cooking, so I don’t have very much experience with these.


To add freeze dried potato dices to your order, click here.


Tomato Dices

Haven’t tried these – my family doesn’t like cooked tomatoes at all. And since we don’t eat them on a normal day, they don’t really make sense for our food storage.


Click here to add freeze dried tomato dices to your order this month.


Chicken Slices

I don’t do re-heated chicken and this qualifies.  I’m a chicken snob – I know.  It has a canned chicken/microwaved chicken vibe to me. So if you don’t like nuked chicken, then you may not love this, so maybe start with a pantry can and give it a try before you buy it by the case.


Most people seem to like these chicken slices just fine. And with a 25-year shelf-life they’re a really great protein option for your long-term food storage.


Click here to add Thrive Life chicken slices to your order now.


Classic Tomato Sauce

I haven’t tried this – I have only tried the tomato powder.  This is a different item.


Click here if you’re ready to add classic tomato sauce to your order.


Fuji Apples

These truly make a great snack for any time. Super convenient to toss in a lunch box or just munch on straight out of the can.


Just beware, if you’re not going to eat them pretty quick (like within a couple to a few weeks) or if the lid isn’t secure, they will get kind of chewy.


Click here to add freeze dried apple slices to your order this month.


Sour Cream Powder

This is seriously so delicious and creamy. Such a great way to add dairy favorites to your food storage.


I love the sour cream powder so much that it made the cut for my top 12 items I keep in my food storage.

If you’re ready to add Sour Cream Powder to your food storage, click here!

If you have questions:

PLEASE send me an email! Don’t delay getting started on your food storage just because something is confusing. I am here to help. If something is confusing to you, or even if you have questions about a previous order, PLEASE ASK!

Quick Ordering Reminders:

  • Ordering a CASE of something gives you an additional 5% off

    There are 6 family (#10) cans per case OR 10 pantry cans per case

  • If you are a CURRENT customer

    Make sure you are adding items to your DELIVERY ORDER (the little truck in the upper right corner); not the retail shopping cart

  • If you are a NEW customer

    During the checkout process, be sure to check the box when it is offered to you to sign up for the Monthly Delivery Service. That is what gets you these great deals!

  • FREE shipping on orders over $99

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  • Have Questions?

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