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My Favorite Pack for 72-Hour Kits is ON SALE!

This is the best pack I have seen for the price, for packing your 72-hour emergency kits in. And these packs are ON SALE on Amazon!

These packs are AMAZING for 72-hour kits and are a great price!  I'm getting one for each member of my family. #72hourkits #emergencypreparedness

I love these packs for so many reasons.

To name a few:

  • Large capacity
  • Nice, thick, padded shoulder straps
  • Nice, thick, padded hip straps
  • Pockets on both sides (great for water bottles, flashlights, and other things you would like to have readily available)
  • Front zipper pouch for a separate pouch
  • Separate top compartment for added storage
  • Access to large main pocket through front pocket as well as the top
  • Plenty of straps to keep everything tight and secure
  • The PRICE! It is on sale right now for $37.99

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Don’t walk. RUN! This is the lowest price I’ve found since January (and it is now June).

Be sure to get one for each member of your family who can carry this size of pack (my 11-year-old has this size, but my 8-year-old still has a smaller one, to give you an idea).

These packs are great for 72-hour kits and are a great price!  I'm getting one for each member of my family. #72hourkits #emergencypreparedness

Single Pack

HERE is the link for this pack. It comes in 3 different colors: blue, red, or green.

Multiple Pack Discount

Below is a link for 10 packs wholesale. So if you plan on purchasing a few, this is the way to go. They come out to be $30 a piece! What a STEAL!

Even if you don’t need 10, find a friend to split the 10-pack with! I’ve never seen them priced this low!

This is the link for 10 maroon packs.

This is the link for 10 blue packs.

Don’t forget to get enough for wedding gifts too!

If you haven’t read it yet, here is a link to my post about things to think about before starting to build your 72-hour kits, which includes the different ways to pack your 72-hour kits.

Looking for ONE resource with ALL the things you need?

If you want a step-by-step guide that walks you through every single step of building your 72-hour kits, from preparing a functional space to store your 72-hour kits, all the way through to a rotation guide for when they’re done, click here. This is a COMPLETE GUIDE to 72-Hour Kits for families. And when I say complete, I mean COM-PLETE! It is kind of insane how much I put into this thing. No more having to come back to the website, or subscribing and finding your free printables in the resource library, and clicking around the website. This is ALL in one spot. One PDF with all the kid tips, budget tips, pretty much every tip/hack imaginable with 72-hour kits. It comes with 25 supporting printables that are updated and amazing. This guide takes you through all of the steps in the schedule I outlined above, and more. Much more. Click on the picture to learn more and even see sample pages 🙂

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