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The #1 thing I recommend from Thrive Life - Chopped Onions!

This is hands-down my favorite thing from Thrive that I use on an almost daily basis in my cooking. 



In fact, I love the freeze dried onions so much that they made the cut for my top 12 items I keep in my food storage.



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Family (#10) Can

  • Unopened Shelf Life - 25 years

  • Opened Shelf Life - 6 months

  • To Open - can opener

  • # of Cups - 12 (or 24 small onions)

  • Cost per Can - $27.51

  • Cost per Serving - $.57

Pantry Can

  • Unopened Shelf Life - 25 years

  • Opened Shelf Life - 6 months

  • To Open - pop top

  • # of Cups - 4 (or 8 small onions)

  • Cost per Can - $12.07

  • Cost per Serving - $.75

Best Ways to Use Chopped Onions:

  • Add it to your favorite soup
  • Slip it in some salsa
  • Saute it in your stir-fry
  • Pretty much add it to every dinner to add flavor

Melanie's Notes on Chopped Onions:

These are a game changer!  Sure, I store these as part of my long-term food storage, but I use these on the daily in my normal cooking! 


I can’t tell you the last time I bought a fresh onion. Seriously.


These are pretty much a secret weapon in my book.


Simply magical.  Here’s why:


  • No peeling
  • No chopping
  • No crying

You don’t even have to reconstitute them if your recipe has enough moisture (like a soup or sauce); just throw them in and go!


**They also have onion slices – I just prefer them to be chopped smaller most of the time, so I find myself reaching for these most often.

Food Storage, or Chopped Onions on a Tuesday?

I recently had a conversation with a friend as she was chopping onions and crying all over her dinner. She is on the monthly delivery with Thrive Life, so I asked her why on earth she wasn’t using her Thrive Freeze Dried Onions! Her reply was something like this:

“Food storage is so expensive, I just stash it away for emergencies when it gets delivered. I don’t want to waste it.”

I agree with her…most of the time…

I don’t use most of the things I order on a regular basis.

However, there are a handful of things that actually aren’t expensive at all, and just make life SO MUCH EASIER that I DO use them on the daily.

And chopped onions are my NUMBER ONE for that.

Onion Cost Breakdown

A family can (the #10 can) has 24 small onions and costs $27.51.

That’s 1.14 per onion.

Is that even more expensive than the grocery store? I think it’s about the same!!!!


  • Already peeled
  • Already chopped
  • No more crying
  • No more wasting the half of the onion that you didn’t need, because you don’t want to save it, because everyone knows that the onion smell will stay in your fridge and freezer for the next 12 weeks if you don’t seal it in 14 ziplocs, followed by an airtight container, followed by another 14 ziplocs
  • No more smelly hands

Not your food storage: your DAILY.LIFE.

If you just can’t bring yourself to order them for yourself, ask for them for Christmas.

Better yet, order a case of them and GIVE them for Christmas. Keep one can, and give 5 cans away to your sisters/daughters/friends. They will be singing your praises forevermore. Not joking.

Also, just FYI, these keep REALLY well. So I would skip the pantry can and go for the family can. It’s a better value, and you WILL GO THROUGH them. Don’t worry about them going bad. If you use onions in your cooking, you’ll be just fine with the #10 can. Sometimes I get pantry cans of things that will get chewy and stale quickly. These are not one of those things. So you’re safe with the #10 cans.

To Order:

If you’re ready to add freeze dried chopped onions to your food storage, click here!  (affiliate link)

Quick Ordering Reminders:

  • Ordering a CASE of something gives you an additional 5% off

    There are 6 family (#10) cans per case OR 10 pantry cans per case

  • If you are a CURRENT customer

    Make sure you are adding items to your DELIVERY ORDER (the little truck in the upper right corner); not the retail shopping cart

  • If you are a NEW customer

    During the checkout process, be sure to check the box when it is offered to you to sign up for the Monthly Delivery Service. That is what gets you these great deals!

  • FREE shipping on orders over $99

  • Have Questions?

    PLEASE email me at:

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