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Here are your 2023 June Food Storage Specials from Thrive Life


This month has a couple of my favorite freeze-dried foods. Listed in no particular order, but as always I’ll give you my honest opinion.


Get ready to add a few things to your monthly delivery!


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Peach Slices

These are an awesome snack!  They are just how you would imagine them. My only complaint is that they disappear too quickly. They are sliced similarly to the apples, and are just entirely too easy to eat too many of too quickly. 


If you’d like to give the peach slices a try, click here.



These pack a punch for sure, so get ready to pucker up!
These are really tasty, but I prefer eating them WITH something else, to tone down the tartness. 

But they really are what you would expect from freeze dried raspberries!  Full of flavor and delicious!


Click here to order raspberries.


Shredded Cheddar Cheese

YES. Yes to all the cheese.
I love cheese with a 25-year shelf life so much that it made my Top 12 Foods to Store in My Food Storage!



Can you imagine life without cheese?

Especially life where you are already limited on certain foods, so you’re having to improvise a little (or a lot)?


Cheese just makes everything go down a little bit easier, amiright?


This is 100% cheddar cheese. It’s a weird phenomenon eating dry, somewhat crunchy cheese from a can, but it’s crazy how the taste is 100% there, even before reconstituting it.


After reconstituting it, you have totally normal, functional cheese. It even melts like regular cheese! (It is a little clumpy – if you throw this on a taco or a salad, you’re gonna know it’s not freshly grated cheese – but dang, I’ll take it!)



For more information on cheese, how I use it, and the cost breakdown per serving/can, click here.


Click here if you’re ready to add freeze-dried cheddar cheese to your cart.


Green Chile Peppers

I personally just store these in cans from the store and keep them in my can rotator so I’m constantly rotating through them.  I only have a couple recipes that use green chili peppers, so for me, these aren’t a huge priority. 


I haven’t tried these yet, but I like the idea of them, for sure!


Add these freeze-dried green chili peppers to your delivery now.


Red Bell Peppers

My family doesn’t like cooked bell peppers in meals, so I can’t speak for these.

I have tried them straight from the can and they’re fine for a snack – nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about either!


If you want to add red bell peppers to your order, click here.


Scrambled Egg Mix

Yes. YES. YES!

Not only do these cook up just like fresh scrambled eggs, but they are fantastic for baking! And bonus, you can eat the dough without the worry of getting sick. 


My family loves these so much.  In fact, these also made my Top 12 Foods I Keep in Our Long-Term Food Storage!


I also have a separate blog post breaking down the cost per egg, how I use them, etc., so if you’re interested in that, click here.


Click this link if you would like to add Thrive Life scrambled eggs to your order.


Country White Dough Mix


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