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Here are the July 2023 Food Storage Specials from Thrive Life


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Oooo, I see some really good things this month! Stay tuned and I’ll tell you which ones I think you definitely need to stock up on, which ones are just okay, and which ones I haven’t tried yet.


These July food storage specials are in no particular order – I just started typing.


**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.



I’m not a huge blackberry fan, but they do taste just like blackberries!
If you like blackberries, then you’ll most likely enjoy these.


You can purchase blackberries to add to your food storage HERE.



Crunchy and sweet. What’s not to love?


The only problem is, there’s no hiding the fact that you’ve been snacking on them.  After a handful of these, your tongue, teeth, and lips will be a beautiful shade of deep blueish-purpleish-blackish.  But don’t worry-  that’s all natural color right there. Wanna know how I know?


There’s one ingredient in this can: blueberries. 

No additives.

No preservatives.

Just blueberries.

25 year shelf life.


I personally get the blueberries in the pantry can size, because I like them super fresh and crisp. This is one of those fruits that does get soft and chewy after being open for a few weeks, so if you’re not going to go through an entire number 10 can within a few weeks, I recommend ordering these in the pantry can size. It just depends on how quickly you’ll go through them.


To add freeze dried blueberries to your food storage, click here.


Banana Slices

These are super flavorful. I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them. It really will depend on how ripe you like your bananas – I prefer a banana with some green still, so these are a teeny bit too ripe for me.


My daughter, on the other hand, can’t get enough of these! So it really just depends on your preference.


One more thing to note, these are not chip crunchy. You’ll still get a bit of crisp, but it’s more airy. The classic banana chips that you’re probably thinking of are dehydrated – these are freeze dried!


Follow this link if you want to purchase these banana slices.



Really awesome veggie straight out of the can or reconstituted and cooked!


If I am wanting some warm fresh broccoli with dinner, I just throw some of this in a pot with some water and bring it to a boil and cook it for a couple minutes, just like I would do with a frozen veggie. It is SO nice to always have fresh veggies available. And can you imagine how amazing it would be to have this if you didn’t have access to fresh produce?!?!


Get your broccoli with a 25-year shelf life for your food storage here.


Onion Slices

These taste just as good as the chopped onions and cook up just as well. I just prefer them to be smaller, so I like the chopped onions. But, if you use onions a lot, go ahead and add some of these to your cart.

They’re quick and easy and so much better than crying while you slice up a fresh onion.

If you want to see a reel where I compare chopped onions to onion slices, click here.


Click here to add freeze dried onion slices to your order.


Instant Black Beans

I am not used to using anything other than canned black beans, so these seem a little mushy to me. 

The consistency turned out somewhere in the middle of canned black beans and refried beans.


These are a financial stretch for me, because they cost so much more than normal cans of black beans from the grocery store.  Since cans of beans typically have a shelf life of over a year from when you purchase them, it just makes sense to save the money and be vigilant about always making sure we have several cans in our pantry at any given time (while at the same time, not getting too many cans to where we wouldn’t go through them before the expiration date).


If you’d like to give these Instant Black Beans a try, click here.


Butternut Squash

Still haven’t tried this. Sorry I’m no help on this one.


Add butternut squash to your order this month.


Pulled Pork



This is such a great way to add some protein to your food storage and it is a definite crowd pleaser. Tastes great and is so quick and easy. My entire family loves this.


Add freeze dried pulled pork to your order now.


Tomato Dices

Honestly, my family doesn’t like cooked tomatoes so these haven’t been on my radar.


Click here to add these freeze dried tomato dices to your order.

If you have questions:

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