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October 2022 Thrive Life Food Storage Specials

9 foods to add (or not) to your food storage this month

October 2022 Thrive Life Food Storage Specials

Back again for your one-stop overview for this month’s food storage items on sale from Thrive Life! 

These are listed in no particular order, and as always, you can count on my honest opinions of each of these foods.


**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Strawberry Slices - Slices of heaven

If you love strawberries, you’ll love these.

They are bursting with flavor…a fan favorite, for sure!

What more is there to say?!

These are so good, they made my list of Top 12 Foods.

Click here if you’re ready to purchase Strawberry Slices.

Check out this post for more information on shelf life, cost and serving information for Thrive Life Strawberry Slices.



I’m not gonna lie – these aren’t my favorite.


I do know other people who don’t mind them at all, but personally, I think they kind of taste like dirt.

So if I were you, I would recommend purchasing just one can (even a pantry can would be enough to try them out) before buying a case of these.


I promised you honesty, didn’t I?  


Click here if you’d like to get some dehydrated mashed potatoes for your food storage or pantry.



These are awesome! 


You can see what I have to say about Thrive Life FUJI Apple Slices here

These Granny Smith Apple Slices are just as good as the Fuji – it just comes down to personal preference. 

I personally store both, just like I buy both.  Sometimes you’re just in the mood for more tart and sometimes you’re just not! 


Click here if you’re ready to purchase freeze dried banana slices for your food storage.


Pineapple - Tastes like candy

Want to store a sweet treat that requires zero prep and has a 25-year shelf life?


Thrive’s freeze dried pineapple is about as sweet and fresh as snacks come. This is soooooooo good!! 


Believe me when I say you (and your kids) will be popping these like candy!


But unlike any candy I’ve ever seen, this has exactly one ingredient: pineapple.


Click here if you’re ready to purchase freeze-dried candy. Eh-hem.  I mean, pineapple.

Check out this post for more information on shelf life, cost and serving information for Thrive Life Pineapple.


Pulled Pork - Yummmmmmmm.

I know. It’s weird.  Freeze dried meat.  I get it.  But seriously, once you get over how weird it is, you realize how FREAKING RAD it is!  I mean, to have meat?  Real meat?  Sitting on your shelf?  For 25 YEARS?! 

Unrefrigerated, un-frozen, un-anythinged.  Just there.

It’s mind-blowing.  This world we live in is pretty insane.

Click if you’re ready to purchase Pulled Pork.

Check out this post for more information on shelf life, cost and serving information for Thrive Life Pulled Pork.


Cheddar Cheese - This is the real deal

Can you imagine life without cheese?

Especially life where you are already limited on certain foods, so you’re having to improvise a little (or a lot)?
Cheese just makes everything go down a little bit easier, amiright?


This is 100% cheddar cheese. It’s a weird phenomenon eating dry, somewhat crunchy cheese from a can, but it’s crazy how the taste is 100% there, even before reconstituting it.


After reconstituting it, you have totally normal, functional cheese. It even melts like regular cheese!


Click here if you’re ready to purchase Shredded Cheddar Cheese with a 25-year shelf life.

Check out this post for details on shelf life, cost, and serving information for Thrive Life Shredded Cheddar Cheese.




Definitely a staple in my food storage, because I use honey as a replacement for sugar in my bread (and it has a 25-year shelf life).
And if we’re in a position where we are needing to use our food storage, we will probably need to be making our own bread.

I will be honest – I have made some of this, but I never tried it in bread.
That’s on my list to do, so I can give my honest feedback, but I am optimistic – it looked just like real honey when I made it…
The top did crust over, but that’s probably because I didn’t cover it.  
I need to be better about my testing, don’t I?!


I will update here once I have done more with the honey, but I did go out on a limb and got a case of this the last time it was available.


Click here if you’re ready to purchase honey crystals.


Gluten Free Flour

I haven’t tried this and probably never will, since no one in my family is allergic to gluten.

If you try it, please send me an email and let me know what you think of it!


I will say, I have opened a can of normal flour and it made my bread taste like metal.
After crowd sourcing some remedies for this, I learned that if you open the can and leave it open on your counter for a few hours, the metal taste goes away and it’s good as new.

I have no experience with this, since I decided to bucket my flour rather than store it in #10 cans.  But I hear it really works, so there’s that for ya!


One thing to be aware of: the shelf life on this is 5 years, so store accordingly.


Click here if you’re ready to purchase Gluten Free Flour with a 25-year shelf life.



Have you ever thought about what you would do without butter?

If you’ve got Mac n Cheese in your short-term food storage, you’re gonna want butter.

Do you like butter on your bread? How about your toast? 

Think of all the recipes that call for butter.

Don’t get me wrong – you can totally freeze butter. 

I recommend doing both if possible.  Freeze a few packs, but I also feel a lot better having a few cans of this in my back pocket. 

**Note the shelf life on Butter Powder is 5 years … This is one of the products that has a shorter shelf life than most, so keep that in mind and don’t go crazy.  You’ll want to rotate through this quicker than the other freeze dried stuff. 

This is not available year-round, so I recommend prioritizing this on your list of things to get this month!

Click here if you’re ready to purchase butter powder.


PLEASE send me an email! Don’t delay getting started on your food storage just because something is confusing. I am here to help. If something is confusing to you, or even if you have questions about a previous order, PLEASE ASK!

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