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Spring Sale 2023 – Thrive Life Food Storage Specials

What's on sale and What I think

Are you ready to stock your shelves with some long-term food storage? This is one of three big sales that Thrive Life does every year. I’m telling you every item that’s on sale and how I feel about it.


This sale opens to consultants Monday 4/17/23 at 9:00 am MT and everyone else on Tuesday 4/18/23 at 9:00 am MT.


Here we go!


**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Sweet Corn - 50% off


Pulled Pork - 40% off

I know. It’s weird.  Freeze dried meat.  I get it.  But seriously, once you get over how weird it is, you realize how FREAKING RAD it is!  I mean, to have meat?  Real meat?  Sitting on your shelf?  For 25 YEARS?! 

Unrefrigerated, un-frozen, un-anythinged.  Just there.

It’s mind-blowing.  This world we live in is pretty insane.

You can get more information about pulled pork in this post.

Click here if you want to try pulled pork.


Cinnamon Apple Slices - 40% off

These are seriously SO amazing. A great snack for any day of the week! 

I dare you to eat just one handful.  These are a favorite in our home!

Click here if you want to order cinnamon apple slices.


Onion Slices - 30% Off

I spend a lot of time raving about the chopped onions. These taste just as good and cook up just as well. I just prefer them to be smaller, so I like the chopped onions. But, if that doesn’t matter to you, snag some of these.

They’re quick and easy and so much better than crying while you slice up a fresh onion.

Click here to add onion slices to your order.


Applesauce - 25% off

This is actually really good!  Heads up: you do need a blender to make this one, so this is not a good backup plan for a power outage. 

I love knowing that I have this in my storage, because not only is it a fun, familiar little snack, but it’s something sweet to dip your meat in, if other ingredients are sparse.  With a 25-year shelf life, I love that this is available!

Click here if you’re ready to purchase applesauce.


Confetti Cake Bites - 45% off

Not my fave.  And I like confetti cake!  I think my issue with it is, there’s no frosting.  And frosting is the only reason I like cake, so that makes sense. 

So if you’re a frosting person, I would skip these.  If you are a cake person through and through, give them a whirl!

Click here if you’re ready to add these cake bites to your order.


Sweetened Cranberries - 50% off

These are ZINGY straight out of the can!  But isn’t that what we would expect from cranberries??

Just like I wouldn’t recommend eating cranberries straight out of the bag, I wouldn’t recommend eating this right out of the can.
But they ARE a wonderful option to be able to store for a time when cranberries may not be available. 

Kind of like applesauce – I like knowing that I could make a little something with these to mix up the flavor in a meal.

Click here if you’re ready to purchase sweetened cranberries.


Ground Beef - 30% Off

Meat that can sit on a shelf for 25 years? Sounds made up, right? Nope! It’s real!


Use it just like you would in any recipe you’d normally put ground beef in. Cool, huh?

Its appearance does resemble dog food, I’m not gonna lie.  But once you have it cooked up and browned and in a meal, your kids won’t know what it looked like coming out of the can, I promise. 


As far as taste: I can tell a difference from fresh meat.  I am hyper-sensitive to reheated or precooked meat, so that makes sense that I can taste the difference when I use this.  It has the same vibe as hamburger that you’ve cooked and either frozen or refrigerated, and then reheated.  Which makes sense; afterall, this hamburger is COOKED! (Which means, yes! You can eat it right out of the can for some protein if that’s your style – nothin’ raw about it!)

**Pro Tip:  I have found that browning the hamburger after reconstituting it, makes a HUGE difference in the taste and makes it taste a lot fresher to me, so I would highly recommend throwing it in a pan and browning it before throwing it into a meal.


Click here to add ground beef to your next order.


Sausage Crumbles - 30% Off

This sausage is actually really tasty. It’s a great option to add some variety to your protein sources.

I don’t cook much with sausage, but when I do, I have no hesitation using this.  It’s delicious!  Just like the ground beef, I recommend browning the sausage crumbles before adding them to a meal. 

Click here to add freeze-dried Sausage Crumbles to your order.


Banana Slices - 25% Off

These are super flavorful. I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them. It really will depend on how ripe you like your bananas – I prefer a banana with some green still, so these are a teeny bit too ripe for me.

My daughter, on the other hand, can’t get enough of these! So it really just depends on your preference.

One more thing to note, these are not chip crunchy. You’ll still get a bit of crisp, but it’s more airy. The classic banana chips that you’re probably thinking of are dehydrated – these are freeze dried!

Click here to add these freeze-dried Banana Slices to your cart now.


Chopped Onions - 25% Off

Have you ever given someone freeze dried food for a gift?

No? Well, I sure have. No lie – I give cases of these chopped onions as gifts. I’ve been told it’s life-changing.

Never cry over chopping onions again. I use these almost daily when cooking.

Click here to add these life changing freeze-dried chopped onions to your order.


Cucumber Dices -40% off

These are interesting – in a good way!
They’re chopped SUPER teeny tiny.

They have a super fresh flavor – it’s hard to describe but it’s like the freshest cucumber I’ve ever had.
These are actually really good just straight out of the can – but I also love throwing them on a salad!

Click here if you’re ready to add cucumber dices to your order.


Tomato Powder - 25% Off

Sun-ripened and ground to a nutrient-packed powder. It’s simply tomatoes!

Substitute Tomato Powder in any dish that calls for tomato paste or sauce. It’s perfect for stews, soups, Italian sauces, casseroles or pasta. Easily create homemade spaghetti sauce or put together a steaming soup with tomato powder.

Click here to add tomato powder to your order.


Red Bell Peppers - 25% Off

My family doesn’t like cooked bell peppers in meals, so I can’t speak for these.
I have tried them straight from the can and they’re fine for a snack – nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about either.

Click here to add red bell peppers to your order.


Cauliflower - 40% off

Healthy and tasty. This cauliflower is so good to use in pretty much any dish – soup, casseroles, on top of a salad, stir-fry. Basically, anywhere you’d normally use cauliflower, go ahead and use this.


It’s also pretty decent to just crunch on as a healthy snack. It’s kinda like eating popcorn (but watch out for the gas – I know, I know – consider yourself warned).


Click here to order freeze dried cauliflower.


Seedless Grapes - 25% Off

These are SO good. Seriously, they taste like candy. Perfect for food storage or packing in your kid’s lunch box every day.

They do start to get a little soft after being open for a few days, so take that into consideration when deciding to open a can. For daily use, I might go with the pantry size can. But, don’t hesitate to get these.

Add freeze-dried seedless grapes to your next order.


Instant Brown Rice - 25% Off

I made this and it was great!

However, just like the black beans, I can’t stomach paying this much for rice when I can get it from the store for a fraction of the price.  Normal brown rice in a bag stays good for 6 months and you can make it last longer by using mylar bags or buckets.  So to me, this isn’t worth the price.


If you’d like to add Instant Brown Rice to your food storage, click here.


Shredded Cheddar Cheese - 30% off

Can you imagine life without cheese? Especially life where you are already limited on certain foods, so you’re having to improvise a little (or a lot)?

Cheese just makes everything go down a little bit easier, amiright?

This is 100% cheddar cheese. It’s a weird phenomenon eating dry, somewhat crunchy cheese from a can, but it’s crazy how the taste is 100% there, even before reconstituting it.

After reconstituting it, you have totally normal, functional cheese. It even melts like regular cheese!

Find more information about cheddar cheese in this post.

Click here if you’re ready to add cheddar cheese to your order.


Broccoli - 30% off

Great veggie to store! 
This is really delicious dry, right out of the can, or rehydrated and served as a side, or added to any meal that calls for broccoli!  

Click here to order freeze dried broccoli.


Instant White Rice - 25%

Cooks up just like any other instant rice and tastes great! I don’t know about your family, but we go through A LOT of rice – I would hate to be without such a popular staple.

However, I apply the same logic to rice as I do to the refried beans/black beans.  Rice has a really decent shelf life, just in the packaging it comes in from the store.  Minute Rice in a box is a heck of a lot cheaper than this Thrive Instant White Rice.  So…I store Minute Rice in a box, and I rotate through it as I use it.

Having said that, this rice is super delicious and super fast to cook!

Add instant white rice to your food storage here.


Mangoes - 35% off

These are exactly what you’d expect and full of flavor! They aren’t chewy like the dried ones you get at the grocery store. You know the ones – covered in sugar and chew, chew, chew.

Light, airy, crunchy – great fruit snack.

Click here to order mangoes.


Instant Black Beans - 25% off

I am not used to using anything other than canned black beans, so these seem a little mushy to me. 

The consistency turned out somewhere in the middle of canned black beans and refried beans.


These are a stretch for me, because they cost so much more than normal cans of black beans from the grocery store.  Since cans of beans typically have a shelf life of over a year from when you purchase them, it just makes sense to save the money and be vigilant about always making sure we have several cans in our pantry at any given time.

Click here if you’re ready to add instant black beans to your order.


Grilled Chicken Dices - 25% Off

By now, I think I’ve made it clear that I am not a fan of anything other than freshly cooked chicken. This tastes like microwaved chicken to me when I reconstitute it. It makes sense – it’s not Thrive’s fault. It’s just the nature of cooking meat and then reheating it later. I don’t fault Thrive – just my picky taste buds.

BUT, most people think this tastes totally fine. So unless you’re a chicken snob like me, this would be a good addition to your food storage.

If you’d like to give the Diced Chicken a try, click here.


Blueberries - 25% Off

I have even had people who say they don’t usually like blueberries, but they love these!
Warning: these turn your fingers and your entire mouth (including your teeth) blue/purple/black, so I wouldn’t recommend packing these for a snack on the way to family pictures…

Click here if you’re ready to add blueberries to your order.


Green Onions - 25% Off

I’ve only used these in 2 meals, but they taste great! I love that this is an option for food storage, to add some flavor into any meal!


Click here to add freeze dried green onions to your cart.


Classic Lemonade - 25% Off

Tastes just like lemonade! Refreshing and easy to make. 

It’s a great addition for your food storage and your everyday living.

Click here to order classic lemonade powder.


Instant Refried Beans - 25% off

I have tried these and they’re totally fine; it’s hard to mess up refried beans.


So the reason I don’t store these isn’t because they’re gross.  It’s just because it’s not an economical way to store refried beans.


Without boring you too terribly much with all the ins and outs of short-term food storage, I will just say this: A can of refried beans from the store is about $1, maybe $2.  Let’s be generous and say one pantry can of these refried beans is equivalent to 3 store-bought cans of refried beans from the store.  That’s $3-$6 worth of beans (that are ready to dump out of the can – no prep needed), and you’ll pay $11.35 for it in this form from Thrive.  That’s anywhere from double to quadruple the price.  


So it all comes down to shelf life.  These Instant Refried Beans do have a shelf life of 25 years, which is pretty awesome.  But cans of refried beans that come from the grocery store usually have about a year-ish shelf life.  So I’d rather store a year’s supply of cans from the grocery store than a year’s supply from Thrive.  

The catch is, I have to rotate my store-bought cans.  All the time.
With Thrive, I can set them and forget them (for 25 years).  


I have a can rotator, and I am used to using this method with all the canned foods I use on a regular basis, so this is a no-brainer for me.  


If you know you are not going to be good at always keeping a bunch of cans of refried beans from the grocery store in the pantry, and/or you’re going to be horrible at rotating them, then by all means, get the refried beans from Thrive!

I just wanted to be transparent about why I’m going to pass on the beans. 


Click here if you’re ready to add instant refried beans to your order.


Cheese Sauce - 25% off


Gluten Free Flour - 35% off


Celery - 25% off

So. Dang. Convenient.

Say goodbye to washing and chopping fresh celery for your soups –  now you can just scoop and pour!
This celery is PERFECT for throwing into any recipe that calls for celery.

Heads up: when reconstituted, it does not crunch back up like fresh celery.  So if you’re looking for a crunch factor in something like a potato salad, this isn’t going to do it.  But for anything cooked, this is perfect!

Click here if you’re ready to add freeze dried celery to your order.


Granny Smith Apples - 35% off

These are awesome! 

You can see what I have to say about Thrive Life FUJI Apple Slices here

These Granny Smith Apple Slices are just as good as the Fuji – it just comes down to personal preference. 

I personally store both, just like I buy both.  Sometimes you’re just in the mood for more tart and sometimes you’re just not! 

Click here if you’re ready to purchase granny smith apple slices to add to your food storage.


Pantry Organizers & Cansolidators - 25% off

Amazing.  Can’t recommend the freestanding rotator enough.  It makes rotating all my canned goods from the store a breeze, and also gives me a place to put a few of the Thrive Life items that I use on a regular basis (things like egg powder, sour cream powder, chopped onions, etc).

I share my thoughts about why I love these so much in this post.

Click here to check out the freestanding pantry organizers.



I’m tired, are you tired? That was a lot, but I wanted to make sure you don’t miss out on something you would like to add to your long term food storage, with such great prices!


Don’t forget, the April specials are still good through 4/30/23, too. You can find those at this link.



PLEASE send me an email! I am here to help.

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