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What you need to know about September Food Storage Specials From Thrive Life

9 foods to add (or not) to your food storage this month

collage of September food storage specials from Thrive Life

I’m here to do the grunt work for you! This post is your one-stop overview for each of this month’s food storage items on sale from Thrive Life. These are listed in no particular order, but as always I’ll give you my honest opinion.


If I haven’t tried it – you’ll know.

If I don’t like it – you’ll know.

If it makes my top faves list – you’ll know.


**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Fuji Apple Slices

These truly make a great snack for any time. Super convenient to toss in a lunch box or just munch straight out of the can standing in your kitchen.


Just beware, if you’re not going to eat them pretty quick (like within a couple to a few weeks) or if the lid isn’t secure, they will get kind of chewy.


In fact, I like these apple slices so much they earned a spot on my top 12 freeze dried favorites list.


However, I will say…I think I like the cinnamon apple slices even better! It’s a toss up…


Click here if you’re ready to purchase Fuji Apple Slices.

Check out this post for more information on shelf life, cost and serving sizes of the Fuji Apple Slices.



These are pretty dang good.  I actually think they’re good straight out of the can.  Have you ever had a Cup O Noodle?  You know how there are always a couple peas at the top?  That’s exactly what these are: freeze dried peas. 


They’re great straight from the can, they’re great cooked in a meal (like chicken pot pie), and they’re great reconstituted and heated up as a side of vegetables.


Get your green peas with a 25-year shelf life here.


Chicken Dices

By now, I think I’ve made it clear that I am not a fan of anything other than freshly cooked chicken. This tastes like microwaved chicken to me when I reconstitute it. It makes sense – it’s not Thrive’s fault. It’s just the nature of cooking meat and then reheating it later. I don’t fault Thrive – just my picky taste buds.


BUT, most people think this tastes totally fine. So unless you’re a chicken snob like me, this would be a good addition to your food storage.


If you’d like to give the Diced Chicken a try, click here.


Green Onions

These are such a good way to add variety and flavor to a meal. Great to cook with or toss in a salad.


If you love green onions, then definitely grab these while they’re in stock. They don’t tend to be around for long.


Add freeze dried green onions to your food storage now.



Crunchy and sweet. What’s not to love?


The only problem is, there’s no hiding the fact that you’ve been snacking on them.  After a handful of these, your tongue, teeth, and lips will be a beautiful shade of deep blueish-purpleish-blackish.  But don’t worry-  that’s all natural color right there. Wanna know how I know?


There’s one ingredient in this can: blueberries. 

No additives.

No preservatives.

Just blueberries.

25 year shelf life.


I personally get the blueberries in the pantry can size, because I like them super fresh and crisp. This is one of those fruits that does get soft and chewy after being open for a few weeks, so if you’re not going to go through an entire number 10 can within a few weeks, I recommend ordering these in the pantry can size. It just depends on how quickly you’ll go through them.


To add freeze dried blueberries to your food storage, click here.



This is another one of Thrive Life’s products that isn’t always hanging around, so if you are wanting to try it I’d go ahead and add to cart.


While I could definitely live without applesauce, my family is used to dipping our pork chops in applesauce. Since I store pulled pork as one of our proteins in our long-term food storage, I want to make sure I have a way to make applesauce!


**Note: you do need a blender to make this applesauce, so this is not a good option during a power outage.


Click here to add dehydrated applesauce to your food storage.


mozzarella cheese

I actually haven’t tried the mozzarella cheese, but I have tried the freeze dried cheddar cheese, and it’s awesome. 

So even though I haven’t tried the mozzarella, I am going to assume it’s pretty similar to the cheddar, in that it reconstitutes and melts the same as the cheddar.  I just haven’t tried it yet!

Although, I feel a lasagna trial run coming on….so stay tuned!

Click here if you want to add freeze dried Mozzarella Cheese to your next order.


Chopped Spinach

I wish I had some words for you here, but this just isn’t something that’s in my regular rotation so I haven’t tried it.


Click here if you want to order chopped spinach (and if you try it, message me with your thoughts)!


Potato Dices

I’ve tried these in soup and also in a breakfast concoction of eggs, sausage crumbles, and potato dices, and they were great!  I just don’t use diced potatoes very often in my cooking, so I don’t have very much experience with these. But the 2 things I have tried them in have been fabulous.


To add freeze dried potato dices to your order, click here.


PLEASE send me an email! Don’t delay getting started on your food storage just because something is confusing. I am here to help. If something is confusing to you, or even if you have questions about a previous order, PLEASE ASK!

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